Workout Routines, Journals, & Guidelines

**Free** Workout Routines, Journals, & Exercise Guidelines

Yes, these are completely free no strings. We want you to be as healthy as possible for a lifetime. Also see the guidelines below for how long you should exercise each week…

Workout Routines

Print your choice of these 31 exercises and you have your exercise plan for the week. Record your progress on the back of each page. After several weeks check your progress. Every few months mix it up by choosing different exercises for each muscle group.

More Exercises…

Planner & Journal

  • Weekly Workout Planner – each section has a 1 page explanation of how to complete your journal, followed by exercises you can print and take to the gym
    • Warm-Up followed by 3  Warm-up exercise examples *do dynamic stretching here
    • Core followed by 6 Core exercise examples
    • Upper-Body followed by  6 Upper-Body exercise examples
    • Lower-Body followed by 8 Lower-Body exercise examples
    • Cool-Down followed by 3 Cool-Down *do static stretching here
    • Overall: record each session

Weekly Workout Planner – Convenient, easy-to-read, 32 page printable format with one exercise per page. Customize your plan by printing the pages for the exercises in your routine.

Free Weekly Exercise Planner for your Workout Routine
               Customize Your Exercise Plan.           


  • Weekly Workout Journal – print these 3 pages for the week and record your journal. It’s a great feeling to see what you’ve accomplished!

Weekly Workout Journal – Fill in the details of  your workout for those exercises you chose in your planner.

Workout Routine Journal
             Track your progress. 



  • Physical Activity Guidelines

    – the first two (2) pages of this guide explain the basic types of exercises you should do, and how many days per week you should do them. The next 3 pages are blank. Pick the type of exercise you want (moderate, vigorous or a mix) and print the journal page for that type. List your goals at the top of each page and fill in what you plan to do each week (no guesswork). After your plan is complete, review to be sure you are exercising all of  your major muscles.

Physical Activity Guidelines – Physical Fitness Guidelines explained with a printable journal to log your progress. Be sure to visit our Information page to learn more about each type of exercise – Balance, Endurance, Flexibility and Strength.

Free Exercise Plan for your Workout Routine Download…

∗ Important: Always Check With Your Doctor Before Starting Any Exercise Program…

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