Daily Workout in 12.5 Minutes

Do these 6 exercises up to 6 days a week. You’ll want to get the most out of your twenty minutes. For more of a challenge, add weights and after a few weeks, replace with new exercises so you are working different muscles. Your muscles will love you for it!

*Check with you doctor before starting an exercise routine!

Tap [Exercise] to open the exercise instructions you want to see. Once the exercise appears, click Print to print just that exercise. Click on Warm-Up to select one of our favorites.

12.5 Minute Workout

  • Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate
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Activity Time
Warm Up 2 minutes
Bird Dog 1 minute
30 seconds
Ab Twist 1 minute
30 seconds
Dumbbell Thruster 1 minute
30 seconds
Plank 1 minute
30 seconds
Side Plank 1 minute
30 seconds
Side-to-Side Lunge 1 minute
Cool Down 2 minutes

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