Fitness for the Family

Baby with Green SweaterGive the best gift to your family. No one is Seniors Exercisingtoo young or too old to join in some family fitness fun! Getting active together can be so much fun and a great way to get off the cough and away from our phones. Don’t just sit around this holiday, get the family together to enjoy some laughs.

Family Party: Fitness Fun – Nintendo Wii

Customer Review: “If you get one person moving in your house, the others just seem to follow, b/4 you know it a challenge is made and it is on! Love it! Move in the safety of your own home! I lost 25 lbs with Wii fitness games!”

Zumba Kids Wii

Customer Review: “I bought this for my 3,5, and 8 year old nieces for Christmas. My sisters, the girls, and my 6 year old nephews had a wonderful time dancing the day away! The songs are awesome! I actually liked this a bit better than the just dance games because there’s actual people on the screen with fun backgrounds. I would definitely buy this game again, and maybe another for myself :)”

Wii Fit Game with Balance Board

Customer Review: “So I recently hurt myself while doing a slightly overzealous workout and decided to kind of roll back to Wii Fit for awhile while things heal since it is a less high intensity workout (And stretches the lats a little less, which is what I hurt). After a couple workouts with this, I am asking myself why the heck I ever fell out of the habit of using Wii Fit… It’s a good workout. It’s fun, it works off a decent amount of calories and it isn’t hurtful while doing it. I must have been nuts to ditch this for what I was doing…”

Wii Fit Sports Console

Customer Review: “I love this product. It has cemented both my status as the awesome aunt and as the good daughter.

I bought this for both of my parents’ health, and for my nieces’ and nephews’ entertainment.

The kids love the sports games on this system so much. Unlike with the other console that we have, they don’t sit down and play all day long. This console forces them to get up and be active. They don’t even realize that they’re exercising and having fun at the same time.”

Yoga for Kids and Their Grown-Ups

Customer Review: “Just what I was looking for! I’m introducing Yoga to my grand-daughters and we are having such fun together. Good illustrations and instructions.”

Wii Fitness for Dummies

Customer Review: “”Wii Fitness for Dummies” is a very informative book on how to use three Wii fitness games. The largest portion of the book is about Wii Fitness Plus – rightfully so since it contains the most features of the three. Although I’ve used the Wii Fit Plus for quite some time, I learned a few new things about it from reading this book. In fact, I’m glad I read the book because I’ve been underutilizing the Wii Fit Plus.”

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