Elderly People Lifting Weights

How Exercise Can Help You

Exercise and physical activity are good for just about everyone, including older adults. No matter…

Workout No Attachments

Fitness with No Attachments (Guest Post)

Fitness with No Attachments I am excited to share with you a post and video…

Gyms of the World

Gyms of the World

Put your Gym on the Map! We invite you to put your gym on the…

Just Start Exercising Logo with Dumbbell

Exercise Starts With You

Just Start… Sounds simple – right? Just Start. We wish it was easy and we…

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Editors Picks

Enjoy Browsing Our Editors Picks As we know, people live longer than ever before. In…

50 Exercise Reasons

50 Reasons Why You Should Exercise

Why should you exercise? We found a wonderful infographic by Chape Fitness on the 50…

Upper Body Muscles

The Muscles You Should be Exercising, Upper Body

Antagonistic Upper Body Muscles Are you curious why even though you are constantly exercising your…

Thought Affect Health

How Our Thoughts Affect Our Physical Health (Guest Post)

I am delighted to share a post with you from a friend of mine, Christy…

Richie Rich Giving Money

The BEST Exercise Motivation EVER!

People who had to give up money if they didn’t exercise enough met their goal 50% more of the time than people who were paid to exercise. ~Time.com

Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle

SF: Food Choices May Affect Your Ability to Keep Weight Off

The mix of carbohydrate, fat and protein in your diet may be a critical factor in maintaining weight loss. To your body, not all calories are created equal.

Man Doing Bridge Exercise

5 Great Lower-Body Exercises

Easy Lower Body Workout If you want to focus on your quadriceps and hamstrings (front…

Moving Around Town - Walking Fast

Opportunities Abound for Moving Around

Opportunities for Moving Around You can always get active, no matter where you are. You know…

Guy on Exercise Machine getting Fit

Take our Fitness Quiz

Take our Fitness Quiz and see how much you really know about fitness.   How…

Senior Fitness Man Exercising due to a Slow Metabolism

Is a Slow Metabolism causing your Weight Problem

Is a Slow Metabolism causing Your Weight Problem? We recently wrote an article with some…

Tired Man not getting enough sleep

Control Your Weight with a Good Night’s Sleep

Is the combination of lack of sleep and hormones the reason for your weight fluctuations?…