50 Exercise Reasons

50 Reasons Why You Should Exercise

Why should you exercise? We found a wonderful infographic by Chape Fitness on the 50…

Child Eating Cake when Dining Out

SF: Maintaining Your Weight When Dining Out

Making Healthy Choices When Dining Out According to the National Restaurant Association, American adults buy…

Obese Guy Sitting on a Couch

Health Effects of Being Overweight or Obese

Health Benefits of Keeping Your Weight in Check Would you consider yourself obese or border-line…

Thought Affect Health

How Our Thoughts Affect Our Physical Health (Guest Post)

I am delighted to share a post with you from a friend of mine, Christy…

Octane Fitness Lateral Elliptical

SF: Tips for Reducing Hip Osteoarthritis Pain

Do you have Hip Pain? I was officially diagnosed with Hip Osteoarthritis about 5 months…

Richie Rich Giving Money

The BEST Exercise Motivation EVER!

People who had to give up money if they didn’t exercise enough met their goal 50% more of the time than people who were paid to exercise. ~Time.com

Gray Haired Man Holding Glasses

SF: How diet may affect age-related macular degeneration

Switching mice from a high glycemic diet to a low glycemic diet stopped the development of certain signs of age-related macular degeneration.

High Glycemic Index Chart

SF: What the Glycemic Index means to you

As you know, you can’t have poor nutrition and expect to be healthy forever. And…

Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle

SF: Food Choices May Affect Your Ability to Keep Weight Off

The mix of carbohydrate, fat and protein in your diet may be a critical factor in maintaining weight loss. To your body, not all calories are created equal.

Guy on Exercise Machine getting Fit

Take our Fitness Quiz

Take our Fitness Quiz and see how much you really know about fitness.   How…

Motivation & Habits

3 Steps to Create Healthy Habits

Do you want to create Healthy Habits? Are you thinking about being more active? Have…

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Are you gaining weight because of a slow metabolism? You’ve cut down on calories and…

Adult Brain Games Benefit

Brain Games for Seniors – What you need to know

Brain Games for Adults As you can imagine, or know yourself, writing these articles gives…

Couple Looking at Computer

SF: It’s Never Too Late for Fitness

Not Active? Don’t worry, it’s Never too late for fitness!   You are already active?…

Physical Training

What Being Physically Active Means

What Being Physically Active Means Almost a year ago (yes, we’ll be ‘1’ on 6/30!)…