Natural Way to Workout

What is the Natural way to Work Out? (Guest Post)

Exercise the Natural Way I am excited to share with you a post and video…

Arthritis - An infographic

Arthritis – Facing the Facts (Guest Post)

Arthritis – An infographic I would like to introduce Tricia, a registered nurse and health…


SF: Aerobic exercise may ease some Alzheimer’s symptoms (Guest Post)

We were so excited to read this article about Alzheimer’s research published by Tony (please… Lifetime Fitness Bookstore

Editors Picks

Enjoy Browsing Our Editors Picks As we know, people live longer than ever before. In…

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7 Tips for Making Better Beverage Choices

    Beverage Calories Count When you are being careful about what you eat do you…

Healthy Vegetables

How Dietary Factors Influence Your Disease Risk

 Sugar, Salt and Oil  You are probably aware that a diet that contains too much…

The Muscles You Should be Exercising, Core

We are excited to bring you this second article about Antagonistic muscles because it deals…

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4 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Resolution

New Year’s Resolution or Lifetime Resolution? We are just about to start a new year.…

The Muscles You Should be Exercising, Upper Body

Antagonistic Muscles of the Upper Body Are you curious why even though you are constantly…

Peppercorns Restaurant - Hicksville, NY

Dining Out? Try These Tips for Delicious & Healthy Food Choices

You can eat healthier at a restaurant. Take these handy tips with you the next time you go out and enjoy delicious, healthy food without all the fat and calories.

Protein Food Sources

What you should know about Protein

We all know that protein is essential to life, but did you know that there are different types of proteins? Do you know how much you really need? And did you know that some proteins promote estrogen hormones while some promote testosterone hormones.

High Glycemic Index Chart

SF: What the Glycemic Index means to you

As you know, you can’t have poor nutrition and expect to be healthy forever. And…

Food Plan

Good Nutrition and Why You Need It

Good Nutrition and Fad Diets What you eat and whether it is good for you…

Are Your Fitness Goals SMART?

Set Your Goals and Focus You’ve heard a lot about goal setting over the course…

Ergonomic Workstation Diagram

How to Create an Ergonomic Work Environment

Do you sit for long periods of time? Most professionals sit in the same position…