Man Walking on the Beach with Hip Pain

Staying Active While Aging (Guest Post)

Today we want to share a Post by Author Richard King about the Importance of…

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Fitness with No Attachments (Guest Post)

Fitness with No Attachments I am excited to share with you a post and video…

Natural Way to Workout

What is the Natural way to Work Out? (Guest Post)

Exercise the Natural Way I am excited to share with you a post and video…

Office Workout Cartoon - Gusbergen

A Fitness Challenge for You

Here’s our FITNESS CHALLENGE to you: Follow these 5 simple steps… Step 1: Choose your…

Dream Gym - Decor

Creating a Dream Home Gym Starts With Décor

Your Dream Home Gym – Décor Join us for the next several weeks while we construct…

I Love Exercise Mouse Pad

How to Fit Exercise Into Your Day

How to fit exercise into your day * said no one ever… Ok, maybe professional athletes,…

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4 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Resolution

New Year’s Resolution or Lifetime Resolution? We are just about to start a new year.…

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Control Your Weight with a Good Night’s Sleep

Is the combination of lack of sleep and hormones the reason for your weight fluctuations?…

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Benefits of Moving Your Body

Move and You’ll See the Benefits of moving your body… Had an exhausting day? Then…

Skinny Fat - Woman on a Scale

Are You Skinny Fat

Know your body fat percentage (BMI) and then determine what you can do about it. Commit to lifetime fitness.