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Exercise Starts With You

Just Start… Sounds simple – right? Just Start. We wish it was easy and we…

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Take Time for You This Christmas Season!

You could say “Christmas is the worst time of year to exercise! There is too much…

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The BEST Exercise Motivation EVER!

People who had to give up money if they didn’t exercise enough met their goal 50% more of the time than people who were paid to exercise. ~Time.com

Stop Watch - Time for your Daily Exercise Routine

6 Exercises You’ll Want To Do Every Day

Your Daily Exercise Routine Try this exercise routine daily. Exercising in less than 20 minutes…

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All In A Day’s Workout – Part III

By doing this workout routine daily, I can imagine Grace as a 95 year old.…

Fit Woman doing the Plank

Daily Workout Routine – Part I

Grace’s Daily Workout Routine I met an amazing woman at the gym last year that…

Group Work it Out with Stretches

Work it out!

Warm Up’s over, now lets’ Work It Out Our past few articles have focused on…

Aerobic Exercises

Physical Activity, What’s the Big Deal

Here’s WHY Activity is such a BIG Deal… Regular exercise and physical activity are important…