Heart Rate on Fitbit App

Finding Your Heart Rate

Following-up with our last article, The Importance of Knowing Your Heart Rate, with your homework…

Active Senior Man on an Exercise Bike

The Importance of Being an Active Senior (Guest Post)

Today we want to share a Guest Post by Harley Petrina on how to be…

Eat Healthy list of food types

10 Tips for Better Food Choices for Women

Make better food choices – 10 tips for women’s health Nutrition Education Series Make yourself a priority and…

Natural Way to Workout

What is the Natural way to Work Out? (Guest Post)

Exercise the Natural Way I am excited to share with you a post and video…

Arthritis - An infographic GeriatricNursing.org

Arthritis – Facing the Facts (Guest Post)

Arthritis Facts – An Infographic I would like to introduce Tricia, a registered nurse and…


SF: Aerobic exercise may ease some Alzheimer’s symptoms (Guest Post)

We were so excited to read this article about Alzheimer’s research published by Tony (please…

Healthy Vegetables

How Dietary Factors Influence Your Disease Risk

 Sugar, Salt and Oil  You are probably aware that a diet that contains too much…

Gray Haired Man Holding Glasses

SF: How diet may affect age-related macular degeneration

Switching mice from a high glycemic diet to a low glycemic diet stopped the development of certain signs of age-related macular degeneration.

Glasses - Eye Exam

Improve Your Vision with Eye Exercises

Do you need eye exercises? I’m sure your doctor will tell you, your need for glasses…

Guy Sleeping on a coach

Benefits of Moving Your Body

Move and You’ll See the Benefits of moving your body… Had an exhausting day? Then…