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Owl sitting on a book“Learn something new every day, then share what you’ve learned…”

April, 2017

Our recommendation for April is focused on learning more about standing desks. Finding out if they are right for you, then once you decide if is IS right for you, they help reinforce your motivation to take the next steps – buying the desk that’s right for you. And of course, you can always check out stand up desks on Amazon!

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AStanding Desk Book Standing Desk: Is It Right For You? A Guide to Improve Your Work Wellness by Shani Soloff

“A Standing Desk: Is It Right For You” will share techniques to help improve your work wellness right now. PLUS this book will walk you through an easy 3-step self-test to help you decide if a standing desk is right for you… You could save hundreds of dollars by not buying equipment that you won’t use!”

YStand and Like It Bookou’ll Stand And You’ll Like It A Short, Functional Guide to Office Ergonomics and the Standing Desk by Kristen Hall-Geisler

“You know you should stand more. You can feel it in your back and shoulders after sitting at your desk all day. Heck, maybe even your Apple Watch is telling you to stand, but it’s so easy not to. You’ll Stand and You’ll Like it is a short, functional guide to finally making an ergonomic change for the better. Without hundreds of pages of scientific research (we all know sitting is bad), you can cut to the chase of making measurable improvements in your day to feel better, lose weight and have more energy. “

March, 2017

Welcome to our debut of the Reading Corner. As you know, we are all about staying active and healthy – simple exercises to keep flexible and balanced while maintaining your endurance and strength.

Each month we’ll recommend a book or two you may find interesting that you can read while commuting to work or while relaxing in the backyard after a hard day at work. Even if you skim through them, you’ll be surprised at how much you learn and the more you know, the more motivated you will be. Why learn more about taking care of your body? Because you’ll get the most from your time spent on your workout. And towards that, we’re delighted you are here!

Our recommendation for March is focused on learning more about the dangers of sitting too long and a solution of planning for a little bit of exercising you can do immediately. This activity adds up over time for positive results. While these recommendations are for office exercises, they can be done anywhere. No sweat. Literally. We hope you give them a try – there are lots of exercises to choose from so you won’t get bored!

You can read a sample of these books in Amazon by simply tapping the images.

Book by James A. Levine - Get Up!
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Get Up! Why your chair is killing you and what you can do about it by James A. Levine

James goes into detail about why sitting is so very bad for us and wraps up with a 4-Step plan on how to break the sitting cycle. Another ‘must read’ especially for anyone that sits at their desk all day, then comes home to relax while watching TV at night.

Not to mention a motivating title!

The Office Workout!
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The Office Workout 75 Exercises to do at Your Desk by Kent Burden

In this book, Kent recommends going the distance toward staying active at work. With a little awareness of the need to get up and move, and taking action on that awareness, along with choosing some of the exercises and doing them, the information in his book will be a great asset to your day.

So, set your fitbit or phone alarm and take advantage of your work break at  least 2 times a day, and you’ll begin to see and feel improvement in your overall health. 


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