FitNews Open House

Let us show you around our home…

Here’s an overview of the Professionals Health Connection Website

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  • Home – explains a little about how we got started, some fitness tips and links to main exercise types.
  • Fitness Tips – here you’ll find information to help you get the most of your workout. Learn more about mixing Balance, Endurance, Flexibility, and Strength (think BEFS ).
  • Exercises – here you’ll find lots of handy, printable exercises for all types of exercises from crawling to planks to Bosu ball. If you don’t see it, ask and we’ll add your favorites too! 
  • Workout Routines – here you’ll find workout routines and instructions on how to create a workout plan along with a free journal you can download.
  • Articles – these are weekly ‘blog posts’ that focus on helping us stay healthy and active.Monthly Reading – a few book recommendations each month so we keep learning.
  • Under $20.00 – fitness equipment that’s under 20 dollars.
  • Shop Us – an online aStore and some shopping recommendations to look good and feel good. (Unfortunately Amazon is removing this option on October 27, so shop soon!)
  • Contact Us – let us know what’s on your mind or of you have a fitness story to share – we’d love to hear it!


Thank you for letting us show you around, we hope you visit us weekly for our new articles and often for the exercises!

Thank you

Wishing you the Best of Health!