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Hello and Welcome to our Your Monthly Motivation!

Yes, it’s time to get more active!  Do it for you, do it for your health.
We know it’s not easy starting to exercise, especially if you haven’t paid much attention to it lately, but think about what would happen to you if you don’t exercise? All that sitting we do every week is bad for us and we all know it! Our goal is simple – to help you do something about it.
Each month you’ll receive:
  • exercises that you can try (you can print the ones you want to take to the gym)
  • access to our fitness store to shop for equipment
We don’t like diets (maybe because we were never good at them) and we don’t believe in the theory of “No Pain, No Gain” (pain is natures way of saying STOP!). And we are committed to being a valuable resource for your exercises and exercise equipment needs. Need we say more?

As professionals, we are use our minds to convince ourselves to get done whatever it is that the boss wants done. We use motivational techniques for that every day. We set and use habit ‘cue’s to accomplish our goals. Let’s face it – you’ve been successful at work because of that ability.

Well that’s exactly what you will need to do to become more physically active. You have to train your brain to do this automatically. But before that day, you will have to work at it. If you have been active, maybe playing a golf game or joined a softball or bowling league, it may be a bit easier for you – kudos to you! But those activities focus on a single type of exercise. There are a few types of exercise, but we focus on the main four. Strength, Balance, Flexibility and Endurance and we’ll learn more about them in coming weeks.

This will be hard work, and takes a long time, but one day you’ll begin to see the rewards and you won’t want to stop. So, think about what will happen to you if you aren’t active, those consequences come later in life and they get tougher to reverse, if you can.

So, take advantage of what we offer and be sure to let us know how we can help you. You’ll soon see just how big a benefit your being active can be.

Wishing you the best of health!


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