Fitness Questions

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Here are some of the most frequent member questions:  

Q1.   Why do I need to exercise?

A.  Regular Exercise and Physical Activity are important to the physical and mental health  [ learn more… ]

Q2.   What’s the difference between Activity and Exercise?

A.  Both terms refer to the voluntary movements you do that burn calories.
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Q3.   How much Physical Activity do I need?

A.  If you are a healthy adult (18 – 64), U.S. Guidelines
 [ learn more… ]

Q4.   How much Stretching should I do? 

A. Do each stretching exercise 3-5  [ learn more ]

Q5.   How can I measure INTENSITY?

 A.  There are 2 different ways to measure intensity. Moderate & vigorous  [ learn more… ]

Q6.   What are CORE exercises?

A.  Core Exercises are commonly thought of as Ab exercises [ learn more… ]