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Join us for the next several weeks while we construct your dream gym. This will be a no-hold-barred, if money were no object, what your dream might be for the perfect home gym.

One of the secrets of motivating yourself to workout is having an environment that you enjoy. Whether it’s seeing a room that has the right equipment, or is also inviting, you want a great experience that you want to repeat. Yes, there is something said for the ratty old pair of sweatpants and t-shirt you have with sweat stains in the back of your closet, but that should be for your relaxing days when you really want to relax. This is for the days where you want to be good to you.

But for a workout room? Make it your room that screams fitness success. Here’s a few tips on creating a great workout room (see tips below).

Let’s explore the things to consider when thinking about our first topic:


Room Color 1. Gym Room Color

Lonny has some great designer advice in their article, Perfect Designer-Approved Color Combinations where you can find this wonderful combination of Leaf Green + Jazzercise Sea Foam (slide 13 of 70).

8 Best Workout Room Colors by Benjamin Moore offers additional colors to consider, so you might want to stop by their site before making your decision.

Livestrong has some great advice in their article, The Best Colors to Paint an Exercise Room: ”

Factors to Consider

Before determining what color to paint a home gym, review some important factors about the room first. Take the size of the room into consideration. A rather small space feels even smaller when painted a dark color. Also, review the lighting in the room. If a room does not receive much natural light, a dark colored paint creates a dungeon-like environment. Also, determine how the paint color will coordinate with the flooring.

Weight Rooms

If your exercise room consists mostly of weight lifting equipment, consider painting the room blue. Tranquil shades of blue produce calming chemicals in the body. The color blue increases people’s productivity and research shows weight lifters lift heavier weights in blue rooms. Studies have also shown that the color blue suppresses people’s appetites.

Aerobic Workout Rooms

If cardiovascular exercise is the main goal for your exercise room, consider a brightly colored room. The color red increases heart rate and breathing. When the workout has become mundane a splash of red can re-invigorate the mind to finish. Just remember, however, that red tends to stimulate appetite. Yellow speeds metabolism and increases concentration. Orange creates feelings of enthusiasm and cheerfulness. If bright colors on the walls seem overwhelming, consider using them as accent colors.

Yoga Rooms

If your home gym provides a place to practice yoga, consider a calming color on the walls. Colors found in nature evoke feelings of serenity. Ocean-like blues and grass-colored greens create peaceful feelings. Black evokes feelings of power and strength and may prove to be a good accent choice in a yoga room.”

Whatever color you choose, be sure it’s one that inspires you to get moving!

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Wall Art (Murals and Decals) 2. Wall Art

For a great workout room surround yourself with inspiration. A great wall decal will help get you motivated and have a subliminal effect even after you stop realizing it’s there. Your subconscious mind will ‘see’ it for renewed motivation as if you are seeing it for the first time.

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Decorations  3. Decorations

Don’t be afraid to put some artificial plants or flows in your gym. There is no rule that says a gym has to have bare walls – make sure it reflects your personality.

Little Obsessed has some great ‘mini’ decorations that will liven up your gym. The sunflower brightens up my gym. While you don’t want a gym that requires a lot of upkeep, don’t overdo the fake plants. If you have a green thumb, having a real plant will be ideal as plants provide oxygen that is important to your workout!

3. Decoration Wall - Little Obsessed     3. Decorations - Sunflower    3. Decorations - Sunflower

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Let us know what you’d like in your home gym.

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