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How to Make Your Home Gym Irresistible!

If you love your home gym, you are more likely to use it. Add a piece at a time and soon you’ll be enjoying the benefits of an added weight or flexibility band. We hope you find something to help you stay motivated too.

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The No. 1 in a circle with an aqua background  For a great workout room surround yourself with motivation. A great wall decal has a subliminal effect. Your subconscious mind will ‘see’ it for renewed motivation as if you are seeing it for the first time.

Wall Art (Murals and Decals)

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The No. 2 in a circle with an aqua backgroundTreadmills

The No. 3 in a circle with an aqua backgroundEllipticals

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The No. 4 in a circle with an aqua backgroundMedicine Ball

Accessory Choices

Small Gym Accessories

Crucial for any gym, we’ll buy Hand Weights (dumbbells), Flexibility Bands, Ab Carver, Barbells, and Balance or (also known as stability ball, Swiss ball, or exercise ball) or a Bosu ball and Stepper. These will keep us challenged and our workouts interesting which equals motivation.

Do you use any of these for your workout?

Set of Weights for Strength

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Ankle and/or wrist weights will give you an added challenge.

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Flexibility Bands for Stretching

Flexibility bands are great because they store well, travel easily and can be added to most exercise routines. The added resistance challenges your muscles, which is great because they become very good at doing repetitive motions. Once the bands become worn, or worse, torn, be sure to replace them with new bands to avoid injury.

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Ab Carver for Core Strength

This is an amazing invention and one no gym should be without, especially a dream gym.

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Barbells for Strength

The difference between these hand weights and the weights above is basically that these can be adjusted while the neoprene are a fixed weight. You can use the weights on a long or short bar to change your workout style and you can increase the number of plates as you progress.

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Stair Stepper

Step Up’s are great for Endurance and Strength. Add risers to add height (check that it’s the right fit). You should look for a sturdy base, especially if you will use it for jump-ups and balance exercises.

↑ Back to Accessories List ↑Exercise Ball for Balance. Be sure to read our article: Why Balance Exercises are Important before you begin using an exercise ball in your workout routine: Select your size. You can also buy parts to change your Balance Ball into a chair. But have a normal desk chair on hand. Using an exercise ball works your muscles and as any exercise, you should ease into planned periods of time to use your Balance Ball as your desk chair.
Bosu (half round) or Balance Ball

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