Exercises for Your Face

Want to look younger? Exercise Your Face

You have been focusing on your body, but did you know you can tone the muscles in your face? While studies have been inconclusive about whether you can combat the signs of aging skin with specific exercises, there are people who swear by them.

So why not give facial exercises a try for a few weeks before getting injections or surgery? There are quite a few sources of information on the subject but this article and Fumiko Takatsu’s story peaked my interest.

The Face Yoga Method

The Face Yoga Method was created by Fumiko Takatsu, a renowned Japanese yogi and bestselling author. Her exercises have become hugely popular in Japan. They are simple. They require just a few minutes a day. And the only equipment you need is a mirror.

Source: Face Yoga: The New Plastic Surgery?

Below are the face yoga exercises to combat four (4) common signs of aging. Watch this video of Takatsu demonstrating them. Face Exercise Video


More from Huffington Post: “Face trainer Erika Boldis of Desiredface has developed her own European Workout Facial to rejuvenate the facial muscles and skin for a more youthful glow.”

Consciously engage underlying muscles throughout these exercises—don’t rely on your hands to do the movements. Instead, use your hands to hold skin firmly in place to avoid forming any wrinkles.

Important – Always Check with your Dr. before starting an exercise routine! What we’re sharing here is what works for us for light to moderate exercising and that doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. Please discuss all health-related topics with a licensed professional.

Exercise List

Do these exercises once a day and you should start noticing a difference after a couple of weeks.

Forehead Relaxer

 Purpose: Forehead Wrinkle Exercise

1. Make a fist with both hands. Place the middle and index finger knuckles in the center of your forehead. Apply firm pressure.

2. Slowly slide your knuckles out to each side. Slide your knuckles all the way to your temples. Count to five while you slide to make sure you move slowly.

3. Repeat this four times.

This exercise uses acupressure to remove tension and forces the forehead muscles to relax. It will help you relieve tension after a particularly stressful day at work.

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Smile Lines

Purpose: Exercise for the lines around your lips

1. Place both palms on your temples. Now push your hands up and back, lifting the sides of your face.

2. Form a large “O” with your mouth. Then drop your jaw as deeply as you can to elongate the “O.”

3. Hold this pose for five seconds. Relax.

4. Repeat this three times.

This exercise smooths your smile lines by lifting the muscles around the cheeks, stimulating blood and oxygen flow to your face.

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Droopy Eye Lids

Purpose: Tighten Droopy Eyelids
This exercise works best in front of a mirror.

1. Relax and drop your shoulders downwards.

2. Lift one arm straight up and then curl it over your head so you can place your fingertips on your temple on the opposite side.

3. Press your fingertips into your temple and draw your skin upwards and backwards.

4. Keeping your fingers on your temples, drop your head sideways to the opposite shoulder. Breathe a long, slow breath out of your mouth.

5. Repeat this exercise on your other side.

6. Do once more on each side.

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Neck / Double Chin

Purpose: Improve sagging neck or a double chin

1. Pucker your lips over to one side as much as you can. You will feel a stretch in the opposite cheek.

2. Turn your head to that side, while slowly lifting your head upwards to as close to a 45-degree angle as you can. You will feel the stretch in your neck.

3. Hold for three seconds. Repeat.

4. Repeat on the other side.

↑ Exercise List ↑


Purpose: This exercise helps to build muscles under the eyelid for more open, awake-looking eyes.

  1.  With your index fingers and thumbs, make a “C” around the each eye with your pointer finger curved over the eyebrow and firmly against your skin, and your thumb firmly against your cheek.
  2.  Shut your eyes then slowly squeeze your eyelids to close tighter, then relax the tension without opening the eye.
  3.  Repeat 25 times.

↑ Exercise List ↑

Smooth Laugh & Under Eye Lines

Purpose: To help smooth laugh lines and fine lines under your eyes, try this.

  1.  With each palm firmly against each cheek, pull the top of the upper lip and lip corners up toward the temples, exposing your upper teeth and gums.
  2.  Hold this for 30 seconds, 3 times.
  3.  Slowly press lip corners even further up, and release.
  4.  Repeat 30 times.

↑ Exercise List ↑


Purpose: Smooth lines in the forehead with this exercise.

  1. Place each palm on each side of your forehead, with the bottom edges of the palms resting on the eyebrows, holding forehead skin firmly in place.
  2. Allow your eyebrow muscles to raise themselves, like a surprised look, and then back down, like an angry look.
  3. Repeat 10 times.
  4. Raise the eyebrows and hold for 30 seconds.
  5. Lower the eyebrows and hold for 30 seconds.
  6. Repeat the up-and-down motion 10 times.

↑ Exercise List ↑

Lip Lines


Purpose: Here’s an exercise to help condition the lip muscles.

  1. Place the outer edge of each palm against your nasolabial folds (where laugh lines would be) and the bottom edges of each palm on the top of the jaw line.
  2. Apply pressure to the face with the whole surface of the palms.
  3. With your lip muscles, press the upper and lower lip together and hold for 20 seconds.
  4. Pulse the palms toward the sides of the nose for 10 seconds.
  5. Repeat 3 times.

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Let us know how which exercises work out best for you! Share your before and after pictures – simply send us a note on our contact page.


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