CORE Exercises Explained

What are Core Exercises?

Core Exercises are commonly thought of as Abdominal (Ab) exercises but there’s more you need to know. These exercises should strengthen both the inner and outer core muscles as these muscles protect the spine as it moves in any direction. And if you do a lot of ab exercises, you need to be sure to exercise your lower back too.

Core exercises should consist of the types of exercises that train these muscles to move in many directions. When these exercises are done consistently, these muscles will strengthen and stabilize your spine.

Tip 1: When doing crunches, be sure to do them slowly. When you perform these quickly, you are pulling your head instead of using your abs.

Tip 2: Incorporate ab machines (ab coasters, ab rollers, ab gliders or core wheels) into your routine. The ab coaster works the muscles from the bottom up and train the lower abs while limiting stress on the neck and back, which is difficult to avoid when doing crunches.

A strong core helps counter the effects of sitting for long periods, improves your ability to perform everyday activities and helps prevent back pain. More and more people are requesting ab workout machines at their gyms or purchasing them for their home gym.

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