Simple Eye Exercises

Try these Eye Exercises for eye relief

Learn about the benefits of eye exercises in this article and 4 simple eye exercises you can try:

Simple Eye Exercises 1: Blinking

Eye Exercise - Blinking


Dry eyes can lead to blurry vision, headaches and eye strain and often stem from continued TV or computer use. That’s because the average blink rate drops from 16-20 blinks per minute to 6-8 bpm while looking at a screen.

The simple way to combat this is to blink more, especially when doing computer work.

  •  Blink as fast as you can for a few seconds.
  •  Close your eyes tightly, open and repeat.

Do this exercise 3 to 4 times daily.

If you start to feel eye strain coming on – blink! This lubricates your eyes.

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Simple Eye Exercises 2: Palming

Eye Exercise – Palming


This is an eye relaxation exercise for when your eyes are feeling tired from doing work close-up.

  •  Cup your hands over your eyes and create a gentle pressure around the bone  around the eye socket. Don’t put any pressure on your eyes.
  •  With your eyes closed, stare into the blackness as if you are staring into space.  See how far you can focus into the distance.
  •  Allow all colors to fade to black – this helps “reset” your vision, allowing your  eyes to relax fully and lubricate again.

Note:  Do this for as long as you like, usually at least 30 seconds is needed. Your eyes will feel rejuvenated when you take your hands away!

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Simple Eye Exercise 3: Focusing

Eye Exercise – Focusing


  •  Hold one finger a few inches away from your eye.
  •  Focus on the finger.
  •  Slowly move the finger away.
  •  Focus far into the distance and then back to the finger.
  •  Slowly bring the finger back to within a few inches of the eye.
  •  Focus on something more than 8 feet away.
  •  Repeat 3 times.

Ideally all four points are along the same line of sight so it’s just a subtle change in focus.

Spend about 1-2 seconds on each item.

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Simple Eye Exercise 4: Zooming

Eye Exercise – Zooming


  •  Hold your thumb out at arm’s length and focus on it.
  •  Bring your thumb closer to you until it’s three inches in front of your eyes,  maintain  focus.
  •  Move your thumb out again.

Do this for a few minutes to strengthen your focusing skills.

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