Exercise is Key in Maintaining Weight Loss

Secrets for Maintaining Weight Loss (Guest Post)

I am delighted to share with you a post from fitness trainer and blogger Kelly…

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Lifetime Fitness Tip for Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight? Count your Beverage Calories You may be surprised at how many…

Beverage Calories Count

7 Tips for Making Better Beverage Choices

    Beverage Calories Count Are you being careful about what you eat but still find…

Peppercorns Restaurant - Hicksville, NY

Dining Out? You Can Have Delicious & Healthy Meals

You can eat healthier at a restaurant. Take these handy tips with you the next time you go out and enjoy delicious, healthy food without all the fat and calories.

Benefit by Losing Weight

The Health Benefits of Losing Weight

Do you think your health would Benefit by Losing Weight ? There are 4 simple…

Tired Man not getting enough sleep

Control Your Weight with a Good Night’s Sleep

Is the combination of lack of sleep and hormones the reason for your weight fluctuations?…

11 Tips to Burn Fat


Great Tips to help you Burn Fat Good, practical tips about how to burn fat…