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Dream Home Gym Essentials

Gym Essentials We are very excited to be putting the finishing touches on your gym. For…

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Home Gym Accessories

Gym Accessories We hope you joined us last week while we began creating your home…

Dream Gym - Decor

Creating a Dream Home Gym Starts With Décor

Your Dream Home Gym – Décor Join us for the next several weeks while we construct…

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Lifetime Fitness Tip For Weight Loss – No Excuses

Overcoming Barriers to Exercise: No More Excuses Be sure to choose exercises from each of…

Just Start Exercising Logo with Dumbbell

Exercise Starts With You

Just Start… Sounds simple – right? Just Start. We wish it was easy and we…

Fireworks image by wdwparksgal-stock.deviantart.com

4 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Resolution

New Year’s Resolution or Lifetime Resolution? We are just about to start a new year.…

50 Exercise Reasons

50 Reasons Why You Should Exercise

Why should you exercise? We found a wonderful infographic by Chape Fitness on the 50…

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Take Time for You This Christmas Season!

You could say “Christmas is the worst time of year to exercise! There is too much…

Obese Guy Sitting on a Couch

Health Effects of Being Overweight or Obese

Health Benefits of Keeping Your Weight in Check Would you consider yourself obese or border-line…

Richie Rich Giving Money

The BEST Exercise Motivation EVER!

People who had to give up money if they didn’t exercise enough met their goal 50% more of the time than people who were paid to exercise. ~Time.com

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All In A Day’s Workout – Part II

Grace’s Daily Workout Routine Grace started exercising at a young age and she can’t imagine…

Are Your Fitness Goals SMART?

Set Your Fitness Goals and Focus on Them You’ve heard a lot about goal setting…


4 Ways to Stay Healthy This Year

Stay Healthy This Year, Every Year… With just one month into the new year, if you…

Skinny Fat - Woman on a Scale

Are You Skinny Fat

Know your body fat percentage (BMI) and then determine what you can do about it. Commit to lifetime fitness.

The Office Workout by Kent Burden

The Office Workout

Yes, you can do the Office Workout After working all day, I had little time…