Staying Active and Healthy as You Age

Staying Active and Healthy as You Age

Staying active and healthy is one way for you to prevent illnesses and take care of your body. For seniors 65 and above, something as routine as the common flu can progress into more serious illnesses such as bronchitis or pneumonia. However, by continuing to be active and healthy, you can ensure your immune system continues to protect you, reducing the likelihood of serious complications from common illnesses. The following tips will lead you to a healthier lifestyle, and that will help you stay healthy as you age.

Exercise Regularly

Most seniors will find it difficult to work out with weights. As you age, you tend to lose muscle and your bones do become brittle. You need to take a different approach to exercise. Chair exercises for seniors have been quite a trend. The chair serves as a base to provide you with support and a little bit of assistance as you perform the exercises. These exercises range from chair squats, chair push-ups, to leg raises. Overall, you can get a whole-body workout and all you need is a chair. For those that like to build some muscle tone, you may also want to consider getting light weights to use with some chair exercises such as bicep curls.

With your physical health covered, you also want to take some time to focus on your mental health. Meditating for as little as 5-10 minutes a day can help you do that. You may also want to consider going out for a walk to a nearby park. These activities will help you keep your mind fresh and limit any stress you may have.

Eat healthy foods

How your body feels, looks and functions has a lot to do with what you eat. Plus, as you age, your metabolism starts to slow down. So, if you have an unhealthy diet, it will show. Ideally, you want to have a diet that is high on green vegetables, lean meats, and fruits. These give your immune system a boost and will protect you from viruses and bacteria. Both fruits and vegetables are a high source of antioxidants, keeping your healthy.

At the same time, you want to limit your intake of food that is high on sugar and fats. Both contribute to lowering the functionality of your immune system and can trigger inflammation within your body. Alcohol consumption is another aspect you want to watch. You can consult with your doctor for guidelines on how much alcohol you may consume per week, they will guide you according to your health.

Wash your hands regularly

Staying clean is a great way to stay healthy. Unfortunately, viruses and bacteria are not visible to us but are present everywhere. You can easily catch an illness by touching a virus-covered surface and proceeding to touch your face. The best way to fight against this is by regularly washing your hands. When you wash your hands, be sure to use warm soapy water and wash thoroughly, covering every aspect of the hands, washing for 20 seconds. Antibacterial sanitizers can also be used when you don’t have access to a sink.

Staying active and healthy isn’t difficult but it does require a bit of effort. You need to consciously be willing to work to remain healthy. Only then will you be able to fight viruses and build up your immune system and overall body.

Remember to Stay Active and Healthy as You Age!

Author’s Bio:

Joseph Jones has been writing senior care and aging-related articles for years. He got his start while writing for a personal blog before he was offered to work at California Mobility in 2018 as the Content Marketing Manager, creating highly informative guides and health awareness articles for aging adults.

He’s currently contributing to a variety of blogs in the senior health industry in hopes to spread information about taking care of seniors and what to expect in the aging process.

We hope you enjoyed Joseph’s article and we thank you for spending time with us today. Wishing you the best of health!

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Easy Fitness Exercises for Beginners

For lack of time, motivation, or fear, do you tend to overlook exercising? There are lots of easy fitness exercises for beginners so no more excuses! You can even find classes online like the image below. And, here are a few amazingly easy exercises to help you finally begin an exercise habit.

Exercises For Beginners You Can Do at Home

You run after time, but unfortunately do not have a minute to go out for a jog? Good news: there are some quite simple gym exercises you can do at home that require no equipment. These exercises can even be modified to suit all levels. Let’s look at a few ways’ beginners can start an exercise routine too!

Do you tend to overlook Exercise?
No more! Try these Exercises for Beginners!

Beyond the simple fact of reaching your flat stomach goal, it is about adopting a new, healthier lifestyle, with the aim of feeling better in your body and developing your mind

The Beginner’s Plank

An exercise that is extremely popular with high level athletes, the plank can prove to be a fairly difficult exercise for those with no (or little) strength in their arms. So, if you think this isn’t an exercise for beginners, try this variation. To start, rather than staying balanced on the arms and feet, we hold the same position but with knees on the floor. Hold the pose for 15 seconds, then release. Do at least 2 sets.

After a few weeks, when you have acquired a little more strength, you can easily try the classic plank or one of its many variants. But don’t worry: no matter which variation you choose, the benefits are worth it.

Printable Exercise DetailsPlank Exercise

Push-Ups for Beginners

Many mistakenly think that doing push-ups can make them look like swollen bodybuilding stars. However, it’s a great way to tone your biceps and triceps, without tripling their volume.

For this variation, keep your knees on the floor. Perform at least fifteen.

Printable Exercise DetailsPush-Up Exercise

Lateral Elevation of the Legs

The lateral elevation of the legs (Lateral Leg Raises) will allow you to work your gluteal muscles mainly, but this exercise also works your hip flexors.

Instructions: lie on your left side and lift your right leg upward. Repeat 10 times on each side. Use the opposite arm for support. This exercise is easy and can be performed by almost anyone.

Printable Exercise DetailsSide Leg Raises with Dumbbell

Guided Squats

Use your body weight for these squats.

Instructions: Standing, arms outstretched in front of you and a chair behind you, you will gently try to sit on the chair. Do you think this is easy? It is however quite the opposite! In fact, you will never have the right to help yourself with your hands and your gaze must absolutely be directed straight in front of you. Do a sequence of at least 10 to 15 repetitions.

Printable Exercise DetailsSide Leg Raises with Dumbbell

Stretching Exercises

If you need to gain flexibility, relax, or stretch after your workout, stretching is for you. This gentle exercise is beneficial for the body and gives you a feeling of well-being. All these exercises should be done slowly, breathing deeply and calmly. Zoom on 15 stretches to start. Maintaining the stretch for 30 to 45 seconds for an optimal effect.

Printable Exercise Details15 Full-Body Flexibility Workout

The Posture of a Bird Dog

This is a great balance exercise that engages a lot of muscles.

Instructions: To begin, position yourself on all fours. Then raise your left leg out behind you. Now raise your right arm. The idea is to maintain your balance as long as possible.

Objective: stretch the thighs, glutes, back and abs. This stretch is great for your figure!

Printable Exercise DetailsCore Strength – Bird Dog

Perfect for stretching the lower back.

Exercises for Beginners – Thigh-Chest

A real relaxation exercise, this movement is perfect at the end of a busy day or a sports session.

Instructions: Lying on your back, bring your folded legs back against your chest and hold them with your forearms. To intensify the stretching a little, you can gently rock from left to right without changing position.

Objective: this posture is perfect for stretching the lower back. The lower back relax during this relaxing exercise that can even be done with your eyes closed.

Leaning on a Wall – Exercises for Beginners

Instructions: resting on the wall, you place a leg stretched back until you feel tension. The other is slightly bent forward. Move your back leg away from the wall a little if we want to work the muscles more.

Objective: here we target the calves often tightened during a long walk or after a slightly intense run.

Do the Cat / Cow before or after the plank to stretch your back…

Round Back (Cat / Cow exercise)

With this exercise we work the back by switching between two positions: the hollowed back and the round back (the cow and the cat as we could say in yoga).

Instructions: on all fours, tuck your head down and round your back. To be able to have this “round” position, imagine a thread that would pull your back towards the ceiling. Hold for a few seconds, then push your belly towards the floor. Repeat 10 times.

Objective: with this posture, we relax the whole back. It is a perfect stretching to end a session!

Printable Exercise DetailsLower Back Cat / Cow Stretch

Lumbar stretch

Instructions: knees folded across the pelvis, place the bust on the thighs, the buttocks on the heels, the arms on the floor in line with the bust.

Objective: decompress the lumbar region and relieve the lower back.

Gluteus Stretching Exercises for Beginners

Instructions: sitting with your legs cross-legged, rest one hand on the floor. Inhale to stretch the spine towards the ceiling and exhale pivot the bust towards the opposite thigh.

Objective: Stretching the glutes with torsion of the spine.

Let us know if you tend to overlook exercise or feel like you are active enough?

Author Bio:

Rubab Rizwan lives in Pakistan. She is working towards her bachelor’s degree in computer science and enjoys writing articles as a hobby.

We hope you enjoyed this article from Rubab as much as we appreciate the exercises Rubab shared. Thank you so much for spending time with us. Wishing you the best of health!

Note: There are many factors involved in our ability to safely exercise. Always check with your doctor before starting an exercise routine.

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Boomer Exercises You can do at home

Exercise and physical activity is beneficial for everyone, no matter your age. And Boomer Exercises is especially beneficial! Exercising daily can improve your mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. And exercise has many health benefits too. It can increase your bone density, improve your balance, decrease pain and help control chronic disease symptoms.

There are tons of easy boomer exercises you can do at home that don’t require special equipment or complicated moves.

Exercise has many health benefits too: It can increase your bone density, improve your balance, decrease pain and help control chronic disease symptoms.
Here are four (4) exercises that are perfect for us baby-boomers!


Adding a set of squats into your daily workout is a perfect exercise for your lower body. Squats strengthen nearly every muscle in your lower body: Glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. They also help strengthen your core.

Performing a proper squat should not impact your joints or put any pressure on your body. You might feel your thighs or lower back “pulling,” but this is normal as your muscles work and strengthen.

To perform this exercise, start by holding onto a chair. The chair helps maintain your balance. Stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart. Next, bend your knees while keeping your upper body as straight as possible. You will want to slowly bend down as much as you can without leaning your upper body more than a few inches forward. The idea is to look as if you’re sitting on a chair, except you’re “sitting” on air!

You can perform this exercise as long as you are comfortable in the process. This exercise is not recommended for anyone with knee or back problems.


If you are interested in building your strength quickly, doing a set of push-ups daily will do the trick. Traditional push-ups are beneficial for your chest, shoulders, triceps and biceps. This physical activity is perfect for cardiovascular exercise to help support a healthy heart. Push-ups can also help prevent rotator cuff tears by building the muscles that support your shoulders.

There are two ways to do push-ups: traditional push-ups where you will be on your knees, or wall push-ups, where you push yourself away from a wall.

If you are using a wall to maintain balance, you will still get the benefit of an upper body workout.

To perform a wall pushup, walk up to a wall and place your hands on the wall at shoulder-width apart (you can go wider if you like). Slowly bend your elbows and move your face towards the wall. Your elbows will be at a 45-degree angle and you can continue as far as this movement allows you to. Then push yourself back to your starting position.

Toe Raises

According to the National Council on Aging, every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room from a fall. Taking a fall can be traumatic, so exercises to help prevent them should be a priority for every senior.

One way to create ankle stability and mobility is by adding toe raises into your workout regimen. Toe raises will help build stronger calf muscles and will increase the power in your legs. And having stronger calf muscles will help reduce shin splints and can potentially prevent you from falling.

To start your set of toe raises, stand with your feet hip-width apart. Raise up onto the balls of your feet and squeeze and flex your bottom half when you reach your peak. Then slowly lower your heels down to the ground, and then repeat. If you would like help with your balance, you can either hold on to a chair or stand by a wall for support.

Walking in Place

One of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy heart and lungs is by walking. Walking primarily builds strength in your legs, but your whole body will benefit from walking daily. If there is not a track, treadmill or sidewalk available, you can just walk in place!

Walking in place indoors is just as effective as if you were walking on a treadmill. Walking in place is a low-impact exercise that will help burn calories, especially for the ones who struggle with maintaining a healthy weight.

Make a habit of walking in place during commercials. All you will need is a sturdy floor and comfortable shoes and you can get a workout in during the commercial break! Walking in place is an excellent source of physical activity for beginners. If you like, you can challenge yourself by incorporating arm movements. You can eventually build up stamina and start to slowly jog in place to get your heart rate up!

Walking in place is an excellent source of physical activity for beginners.

Remember to always listen to your body, as fitness levels are different with each person. Participating in physical activity helps you achieve a healthier body and a more peaceful mind. There are loads of boomer exercises you can do at home, so there’s no reason not to get started today.

Boomer Exercises Author Bio:

Danielle K. Roberts is the Vice President and co-founder of Boomer Benefits, where her team of experts help baby boomers with their Medicare decisions nationwide.

Are you considered a Boomer too?  Do you Exercise? Do you enjoy it?

We hope you enjoyed this article from Danielle as much as we appreciated the exercises she shared with us today. Thank you so much for spending time with us. Wishing you the best of health!

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Note: There are many factors involved in our ability to safely exercise. Always check with your doctor before starting an exercise routine.

6 Heart Healthy Exercises

Want to keep your heart healthy? Great! We are happy that you are joining us because Anthony Fernandez suggests six (6) heart healthy exercises that can benefit us all. Read Anthony’s Bio below.

Please Note: Until the CDC advises otherwise, please keep social distancing guidelines in mind while exercising. Also note that staying active during times of stress is crucial to your well-being. Staying physically fit helps you look and feel better, inside and out. And I think we all need a little of that right now.

6 Heart Healthy Exercises

Exercise is essential for all human beings. Why? Because exercise keeps us strong, makes us flexible, helps our heart and keeps us well balanced. Now there are many factors involved in being healthy besides being active. Good nutrition with a balanced diet constituting of the right portions of each food group such as vegetables, fruits, grains, protein and dairy are equally important. And don’t overlook good hydration but try to skip the soda and drink water. Water is an essential part of being healthy. And did you know that the average woman requires 11.5 glasses of water and an average man requires 15.5 glasses?

Are you Exercising or Staying Active?

An activity is movement such as gardening, housework, going up and down stairs, or going for a walk. Your heart rate is normally not elevated very much, and you can perform these tasks easily while talking. An activity is considered low to moderate intensity.

The goal during exercise is to elevate your heart rate…

Exercise, on the other hand, is a type of physical activity that’s intended to improve your health. It is planned and if done properly, generally results in health benefits such as weight loss and improved mental outlook.

The goal during exercise is to elevate your heart rate and depending upon the level of intensity, you may even start to sweat. When you elevate your heart rate you improve your heart muscle. But as mentioned below, please check with your doctor and share your exercise plan to be sure it’s right for you. Here’s additional information from WebMD helps explain:

What is your target heart rate?

Usually, this is a heart rate (pulse) of 60%-80% of your maximum heart rate. You gain the most benefits when you exercise in your ”target heart rate zone.”


In some cases, your doctor may lower your target heart rate zone to begin with 50%. You may need to gradually build up to a level within your target heart rate zone, especially if you haven’t been exercising regularly. If it feels too hard, slow down.

~WebMD: What is your target heart rate?

Why do you feel good after exercise?

When you exercise, your body releases hormones known as endorphins. Endorphins are also known as pain killers or the happy hormone. They are the reason why you feel so good after exercising. reports that “moderate amounts of exercise lasting 20 to 30 minutes can cause endorphin release”.

With the right amount of exercise, endorphins are released and that’s why you feel so good after exercising…

The Most Important Organ

Your most important organ is the heart and it is a muscular organ. Because of that, it’s especially important that we stay active and exercise it regularly. Even people that have suffered health issues such as stroke or heart disease (after they check with their doctor) know that it’s important that they stay active and fit. And the good news is that there are many exercises that we can do to help us stay fit and keep our hearts in good shape.

Here are some heart healthy exercises that can help you keep your heart fit:


Heart Healthy Exercise – Aerobics

Aerobics is more than an activity. It’s an exercise that can be low intensity or high intensity, depending on the person doing the exercise. Aerobics is great for your heart as regular aerobic exercise increases your circulation and lowers your blood pressure which can help you avoid a host of diseases.

There are many videos or live aerobic classes available that will give you an excellent workout in the comfort of your home, and at your convenience. You can even wear your old sweats!


Heart Healthy Exercise – Walking

Walking is one of the most natural activities and depending on how briskly you walk, it can be considered an exercise. It is commonly recommended for people just starting to become more active. And when done slowly, it’s a great part of your warm-up or cool-down routine.

Want an aerobic exercise? Walking with an increased pace or duration it can become an aerobic exercise. You can begin by walking slowly, and once ready, increase the intensity for a few minutes. Then a few minutes later, slow your pace. Repeat this a few times during your session. And the good news: raising and lowering your heart rate in this way can lead to better circulation and weight loss.

Try walking three (3) times a week for about 30 minutes at a time. That’s all you need. If walking by yourself, you might enjoy listening to music. Or walk with your close family as it can be a great time to venture outside.


Heart Healthy Exercises – Resistance Training

A great way to lose fat and make your heart healthy is with resistance training. Resistance exercises mixed with aerobic exercises two (2) times a week can help improve your blood cholesterol and even prevent high blood pressure. If you are just starting resistance training, a trainer is recommended to guide you. And good news for anyone wanting to lose weight. Resistance training can help you lose more weight in less time while making your heart muscle stronger and healthier.

After a tough training session, be sure you end with a cool-down. It’s just as important as the warm-up you did before you began your routine. Also keep in mind that the tougher the routine, the more important the cool-down. A certified trainer will help you learn the correct way to exercise.


Heart Healthy Exercise – Interval Training

In interval training, a high-intensity workout is followed by a low-intensity workout to give the body the time to recover. This is also known as HIIT. For example, a person can work on the elliptical as fast as they can for 20 seconds, followed by a minute of recovery time. Interval training is excellent for weight loss and to lower your blood pressure.

HIIT Definition

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), … a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until too exhausted to continue.


~ High-intensity interval training – Wikipedia


Heart Healthy Exercise – Cycling

Cycling is an exercise that, with the right intensity, can help improve circulation and lower blood pressure. Keep in mind that if you take a leisurely bike ride down the block, that’s considered an activity. And while bike riding is great for you, as your heart rate won’t increase much. For a cycling challenge, cycle on a hill. It may be tough getting up the hill as you’ll have to push hard, but that is an exercise that’s good for the heart.

Cycling alone can be difficult but once you get to the top of that hill you can enjoy the view. Once at the top you can relax, which will help strengthen your heart and help you destress.

Heart Healthy Exercises – Stay Active

One of the best ways to keep your heart healthy is to stay active, every day. From the time you wake up until you go to sleep, stay active.

The most important rule is not to sit in the same place for a long time. There are many YouTube videos showing how to work out at home. So, put on some music and follow along with the rest of the family. It’ll be fun for everyone and healthy too.

Cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other household chores is an excellent way to keep you heart healthy. The house will look great while you and the family are looking great too. And the best part is that staying active will lift your spirits, even on the gloomiest of days.

A healthy heart means a healthy life. Therefore, it is necessary to work out three times a week. This will help you lose excess weight in no time so you can wear the dress or suit that was a bit snug. And when you convince your family to join you in, they stay healthy and happy too.

Exercise increases your quality of life, and that’s something we can all use. Happy exercising!

Author’s Bio

Anthony believes that words have the power to influence people and disseminating knowledge can be done artistically. Anthony’s passion for writing has driven him to write articles such as this in his leisure time while he focuses on his studies. You can read his blogs at

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There are many factors to consider before starting a workout program. To make sure your new activity or exercise plan is right for you, share your plans with your doctor.

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Thank you for spending time with us today. We wish you the best of health.

Important Note: it is critical that you follow the guidelines of health officials and practice social distancing when exercising. Please refer to the CDC website for accurate information.

Be an Active Senior

Today we want to share a Guest Post by Harley Petrina on how to be an active senior. Please use the information personally, or share her helpful advice with family and friends. Please see Harley’s Bio below.

Be an Active Senior 

When people stop exercising, especially as they get older, their risk goes up for developing partially preventable ailments such as heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure, increases. The good news is that a little bit of daily exercise goes a long way. Although exercise may seem difficult when you’re just starting out, each time you approach the activity it becomes easier and easier. For older people, small amounts of exercise can lead to major results. And being an active senior is very important to your overall health.

Create an Active Senior Plan

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It is important to consult your physician. Your doctor should help you create a plan that best serves your needs. Your plan should include goals with the exercises necessary to achieve those goals in the quickest and safest way possible.

Stay in touch with your physician and always mention things like prolonged soreness, pain, or other negative changes. Keep in mind that overdoing it, especially for an older person who hasn’t been very active recently, isn’t the best approach.

How to Begin Being an Active Senior

Starting out by setting aside 10 – 20 minutes a day for activity. Activities can include anything from walking a specific distance (even in a mall or grocery store), to doing mild aerobics or light housework or yard work.

Once exercising begins to get easier, add additional activities and extend your ‘active’ time each day. Additional activities can include doing household chores, walking up and down stairs rather than taking an escalator, or parking a little further away from the store than usual. Little activities can add up to big results.

Pick the Right Routine

Make sure your workout program is a good fit for you. Depending upon the goals you discussed with your doctor, make sure you enjoy working out. The biggest way to kill a workout program is to dread doing it. Have some fun! It’s difficult to motivate yourself when you dread the workout activity.

If you enjoy getting together with friends, include a walk at the mall, or, if you enjoy dancing, bowling or other sports (tennis anyone?), plan to do these weekly. You can also try a group fitness class where many people complete the recommended amount of weekly exercise without even noticing it. Group activities are motivational, and an added benefit is an opportunity to make some new friends.

Activities for Advanced Age

Being active is beneficial no matter how old we are. Even if you are advanced in age, similar activities are helpful. These can include household chores, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, or parking a little further away from the store than usual. All physical activity helps.

One often-unexplored avenue to achieving fitness is volunteer work. Places like hospitals keep their volunteers mobile. You may be engaged in activities such as showing a patient or visitor to the right area of the hospital, delivering flowers, or bringing gifts. Volunteer work can be a great way to not only get the exercise you need, but also to become a positive asset to your community.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that age isn’t a good reason not to be active, but it is a good reason to increase our activity level. A lot of jobs require us to sit at our desk for hours on end. It is  mandatory while we are working, but when we retire, we have the time to be active. If you take advantage of that time you may prevent some ailments and lead a happier life.

Harley’s Bio

My name is Harley Petrina, I work with a small team of mission-driven creatives called SeniorPlanning (, based in Arizona. We collaborate with people and organizations who are working on Caregiving. We raise consciousness, and steer humanity toward wiser, more sustainable modes of living and being in the world.

Jacob Edward is the manager of Senior Planning and ALTCS in Phoenix, Arizona. Senior Planning has helped numerous families navigate complicated terrain of long-term care, guiding people towards the many available senior services in Arizona.

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Want to get started? Find senior fitness exercises on our SF: Exercises Page.

We hope you enjoyed Harley’s message and want to thank you for spending part of your day with us! Wishing you the best of Health!

Fitness with No Attachments

Fitness with No Attachments

I am excited to share with you a post and video from fellow fitness and health blogger (visit  The Fit Flex Life to see more of Louise’s work), Louise Barraco (read Louise’s Bio below). Louise explains how exercise and fitness with no attachments means a lifetime of fitness. Please join me in giving Louise a warm welcome. And thank you so much for sharing your video and workout secrets with us Louise!

When we start a fitness journey do we do it in terms of what can tie us down or what freedom can we have? What does fitness with no attachments mean? That means you can fit exercise into your day, anywhere and at any time. Minimal equipment required. There is always a way to exercise with minimal equipment or no equipment at all.  You don’t even need to be involved in a gym to get involved in fitness or even a coach of some kind. Simply live life and exercise when you want to.  Once you start a fitness routine you won’t want to stop. Once you start a fitness routine you won’t want to stop, you’ll exercise so that you can be in control of your life. Don’t you agree? Yes, you are in complete control of your fitness journey.

You do not have sufficient freedom levels to view this video. Support free software and upgrade.

It’s About Options, not Attachments

Now I’m not saying that because you belong to a gym that your only option is to use your membership. If you want to do another type of workout, and it makes sense, then go ahead and do it. Fitting fitness into your life is more important than where you exercise. You are not tied down to do a specific workout at a particular time.  You can do any type of exercise you want if you have no attachments. It is you doing the kind of movements you like and not something someone else tells you to do. Go on a hike, consider that a workout, or go for a walk, clean your house, vacuum the floors. Any movement you can do that’s fitness related counts. Don’t have a commitment to just one type of exercise – have no attachments to one way and you’ll have more possibilities of being fit.

Create Your Own Routines

When a person comes up with their own fitness routine they do it so that they aren’t tied down. They do it so that they can exercise anywhere with the fitness equipment that they have. You can do your own style of workout if you want to do that. Some people might not think that their own form of workout is good enough for a good workout. That depends on what you want to do. You don’t have to listen to what anyone else says you should do for a workout, if you don’t want too.  You are not tied down by anything when fitness has no attachments. Do what you feel like doing in your workout and see how different you feel after it.

The Fit Flex Way – No Attachments

Use your feelings and what you have in your house to workout. This means you should simply get up and start moving. Do what fits into your life, when you fit fitness into your life you aren’t really attached to one workout. Why? You might ask. Well, with life-changing all the time that means your workouts need to be flexible and change as well.  The fit flex life workouts are as mobile as they get. That is why fitness with no attachments is excellent for fitting fitness into your life.  Working out shouldn’t hold you  down and that is what fitness with no attachments is.  You are making your fitness journey work for you any way possible, when you do fitness with no attachments.

Do anything in your daily life to stay active, and whatever you do let that be your workout for the day. When your fitness has nothing attached to it, you can make anything a part of your workout. Any movement you do in a day can be your workout.  Keep your house picked up and the laundry done, when you do that, that is fitness with no attachments this is because it is not always the same. It is always changing so if you are doing that type of fitness in your life you must have no attachment to it since you are changing your workout up with the way your life is that day.

What does no attachment fitness mean to you?

No attachment is just you doing whatever you feel in terms of a workout. Does it mean you are going to the gym or staying home and getting a workout in?  No attachment fitness is you don’t have to go to the gym to get a workout in you can do it from home or the office or the gym if you want. You can do it from anywhere.  You don’t have to use one place or the equipment in the place you are in for your workout if you don’t want to. Not that you can’t use the equipment you are just not attached to that equipment to get the workout done since you aren’t connected to a specific workout plan, you can do a lot more with your workouts that way.

Be Flexible

You might have weeks where you do a specific workout, but sometimes things change, and you have switch up your workout. If you are the one in control of your workouts and you don’t have to go to the gym to accomplish them then what happens? Does anything happen? Do you do your workout? Most people would say “no I don’t do my workout because if I am not at the gym it doesn’t feel like a workout”.  Think about how much freer you are when you can do anything you want for your workout?  You are as free as a bird that flies which means you can do any movement you want and consider that a workout.

Any Workout That You Like

A workout doesn’t have to be done in a particular place even if equipment is required. You can still make workouts work for you, if you don’t have the right equipment. That is how most people exercise when they do home-based workouts or when they are travelling. We can’t bring all our workout equipment when we travel so we have to make it work by using different equipment. That is what fitness with no attachments is. So if you ever wanted to try something a little different try something like this.

You can switch up your workouts all the time when you don’t have any attachment to one specific fitness routine or a particular gym. Working out isn’t meant to be done in just one place no matter how much we think that. When it comes to fitness we are expected to move and explore all our options. Fitness is expected to be investigated that is why there shouldn’t be any attachments. It is something that should be enjoyable so that it gets done. We all know what happens when we don’t enjoy something – we avoid it at all costs, and that includes fitness when we feel like we have to do a specific workout and not the workout we want to. So, choose your workouts with what you feel like doing that day and no matter what, you will feel so much better in terms of our fitness journey.

Fitness Should Be Freeing. No Attachments.

Fitness is supposed to be something freeing. It’s supposed to be fun. It’s not supposed to feel like work.  If it feels like work then you are doing something wrong and the reason I say that is because working out is supposed to be something you enjoy.  If you enjoy it you’ll burn more calories (at least that is how I look at it). The only attachment you should have to fitness is wanting to do it. Not just in one spot either. So think of fitness as having no attachments and see what happens, your future in fitness will be completely different. Do what you want on your fitness journey don’t let others tell you what you should be doing. Everyone’s journey is different. You are not attached to things that way and you aren’t doing anything that you don’t want to do.

Fitness Should Be Enjoyed

The only attachment you should have when it comes to fitness is doing the fitness moves you enjoy and not something that you don’t.  Do the type of fitness that feels right to you, that is fitness with no attachments. So if you want fitness in your life, why not try routines that you come up with so it works for you. This will make your fitness journey more enjoyable and you’ll want to move more and that is the way fitness should be.

Nobody should ever be tied down to one fitness regime when it comes to working out. Lives are so busy in today’s day and age that our fitness journey needs to be adaptable to accommodate life. Do something you like so you don’t feel trapped and don’t like it. Do your workout because you want to not because you think you have to. That is fitness with no attachments – don’t you think?

About the Author

Louise Barraco has been involved in fitness since the age of four does it to stay limber and active. She started her fitness journey to eat more and to show people that you can exercise, even if you aren’t that into fitness but want to give it a try.  Please visit The Fit Flex Life for other workout video’s and articles written by Louise.

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See if you can find some of Louise’s ‘no attachment’ exercises…

Thank you for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed watching Louise’s workout and reading her article about not having an attachment to any one way of exercise. Louise is an inspiration as she is truly exercising for life, for her lifetime. And you can from her video that see that she is having fun too!

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Workout No Attachments

What is a Natural Work Out?

So What is a Natural Work Out?

I am excited to share with you a post and video from fellow fitness and health blogger (visit The Fit Flex Life to see more of Louise’s work), Louise Barraco (read Louise’s Bio below). Please join me in giving Louise a warm welcome. And thank you so much for sharing your video and natural work out secrets with us Louise!

Is there a natural way to workout?

When you think of fitness and working out, do you wonder if there is a natural way vs a non- natural way? Is there either of these when it comes to fitness and working out? Yes, there is a natural way and a non-natural way to working out when it comes to fitness.  The natural way to do this is to do what feels right for you. Don’t push yourself to do a workout that doesn’t feel right.

Now that doesn’t mean not to try something new. It just means that if you are straining your muscles too much, then maybe you should change your routine. Don’t hurt yourself when you are working out which also means don’t take steroids to do your workouts, it will hurt you more than it will help you.  Not that I know anyone who does in terms of working out but you should always be careful with anything that has to do with fitness.

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What Works Best for You?

Do what works for you when it comes to fitness don’t do what someone says works for them because if you do and you won’t get the same results and you may be upset about it. And that isn’t the right way to do it. We are all different so what works for someone else might not work for us and vice versa.  For example, some people might have to use the gym to get a good workout in and others may get a better workout at home. It’s pushing your muscles until you feel the burn and not any further. You still want to be able to move after your workout.

The natural way of exercising is to push your muscles to a good hurt. We have all heard the statement “don’t over train”, that is true when it comes to the natural ways of working out. Push yourself but still be able to move and feel good about your workout after you have finished.

Is Bodybuilding or Working Out for Fitness Competitions a Natural Work Out?

There are so many ways of working out. Bodybuilding for example is not a natural way of working out. Fitness competitions is not a natural way of working out. It’s not that I have done either of these and not that some people don’t enjoy working out this way, and they should do them if they want to, of course. But, it’s just not the natural way to exercise for everyone.

When you are in fitness competitions the calorie restriction is not great, to deal with. The natural way of working out is the 80/20 rule. Eat healthy 80 percent of the time and 20 percent of the time you can have junk food. You have to have junk food in your life once in a while. Junk food might include a pizza night once a week and the rest of the week you eat healthy. That type of thing. It is all in moderation though, so remember that.

The natural way of working out is to work your cardio, abs and weights, as much as you can handle. You might not think that it is the natural way of doing fitness but it is. That is what most people focus on in terms of fitness. Muscles and Abs are usually what considered a good thing, so that is what you should focus on. The natural way to do these types of workouts is to take it slow. Lift slowly and do different types of ab moves along with push-ups.  Also get your heart rate up while doing cardio. You can use what you have at home. You can even use cans as weights if you want. That is the natural way of doing your exercise when you are not in a gym and don’t have a lot of equipment.

Enjoy Your Natural Work Out, Naturally

Just get moving. You don’t have to do anything too crazy in terms of workouts and fitness when you do it naturally. Use chairs for your abs resistance and push-ups. Don’t push yourself too hard. If you want to take your workout slow then take it slow. Do it as naturally as you can. If you think you are trying too hard then you probably are, and you will probably hurt yourself. So be very careful when you are doing your workouts. The slower the movements the better your workout will help you.  That is what the natural way of fitting fitness into your life is for.

The natural way of working out is finding a workout that you enjoy and smile all the way through it. Just make your workouts flow as naturally as possible. Don’t be stiff when starting a workout. Make your movements flow together that is the natural way of working out. Whatever workouts make you feel good are the ones that feel the most natural don’t they? If you want to do a specific workout vs another workout do the one that you feel most comfortable doing. It is using what you have at home instead of equipment you might find at the gym.  Don’t push yourself too hard if you do that you aren’t doing it naturally. You aren’t forcing a workout if you work out slowly. That is about as natural as a workout gets.

The question is, is there a natural way of working out? There is and the natural way is making sure you recover properly. Eat your meats, cheeses, poultry and veggies. You have to recover from using your muscles after any workout. Eating these things is the natural way to recover from a workout so you stay strong.  Just keep moving and take some time to relax after your workouts.  You can’t go all the time without stopping or you won’t be able to move. Just do what you enjoy and have fun when you are working out. So yes there is a natural way of working out. We all just have to remember to rest when we need it.

Is There a Set Time to do a Natural Work Out?

The natural way of working out is also working out whenever you can. If you feel the urge to exercise, then go for it. Make it work for your life and see what happens. Use what you want in terms of fitness equipment. Eat healthy and that means the proper supplements for your body as well. Don’t take steroids to bulk up because that isn’t the natural way of getting muscles. Lift weights if you want muscles. You will not only get muscles in your arms and legs, but your back and your abs will start coming through as well. When you work all the different muscles groups in your body, you will get different muscles in different parts of your body that you never thought you would. That is the greatest thing about working out naturally though.

When you naturally do a workout you do what you feel. Which means that it flows better. This is because you are letting your body decide what it wants to do instead of forcing it to do something. Always start with one workout move and let it flow into the next. Try that and see how easy it is for you to do your workout. Just do what your body feels like doing and that is how you naturally workout. So, if you keep thinking of a certain workout one day but its leg day, do the exercises you are thinking of because your body probably needs it, which is why you are thinking of it.

And Most of All – Smile and Enjoy Your Natural Work Out

Natural workouts are just workouts that we enjoy doing, which also means the workout moves we enjoy doing. It’s doing a specific workout if you want to but because you have too. Do whatever your body tells you to do that day. Most of the time the natural workouts that we do are the unplanned ones. It is the different random things that are done in your workout that make it natural.  So, if you want to do a natural workout, don’t plan it out, just let it flow. See where that leads you in terms of your future in the fitness world.

Doing what you feel like doing in terms of a workout is the naturalist way of doing it. If you don’t feel like pushing yourself then don’t. Listen to your body when it comes to doing any type of workout. That way, you are doing what works for you instead of what someone else says.

Everyone is different which means everyone’s natural ways of working out will be too. Always remember there are natural ways of working out but also have fun with your workout. After all, you will get more out of it.

About the Natural Work Out Author

Louise Barraco has been involved in fitness since the age of four does it to stay limber and active. She started her fitness journey to eat more and to show people that you can do it even if you aren’t that into fitness but want to give it a try.  Please visit The Fit Flex Life for other workout video’s and articles written by Louise.

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Find some of Louise’s exercises…

Thank you for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed watching Louise’s workout and reading her article. Louise is an inspiration as she is truly exercising for life, for her lifetime. And you can see that she is having fun!

Wishing you the best of health!

Arthritis Facts – Facing the Facts

Arthritis Facts – An Infographic

I would like to introduce Tricia, a registered nurse and health writer. Tricia offered to share the wonderful work she has done to provide the facts about Arthritis in a great infographic. As you can imagine, we are thrilled at the wealth of information Tricia is sharing, especially how important exercising and keeping weight down is as a treatment for Arthritis. As a sufferer, I swear by my weekly lateral elliptical exercises (see below if you are interested in shopping for one).

Please join us in welcoming Tricia and be sure to share with your family, friends and colleagues who suffer from this painful disease. Also, be sure to visit for other health issues.

Arthritis Facing the Facts – An infographic


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Search Amazon for Lateral Elliptical Equipment…

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If your local gym doesn’t have a lateral elliptical, ask them if they plan on purchasing one. If they know there is an interest, they may just buy it. The gliding movements do not jolt your joints and will definitely help everyone that uses it. The lateral doesn’t glide forward and backwards, but from side-to-side. I do side leg exercises daily, and visit the gym on Sundays for 35 minutes of training on my Octane Fitness Lateral. It’s one of the few aerobic equipment exercises I can do without causing my hip to hurt afterwards.
Note:  there are many factors to be considered before starting or increasing your exercise routine. Be sure to consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise program to be sure it’s right for you.

Thank you so much for spending time with us today. Wishing you the best of health!

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