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Check out the Kutting Weight clothes and look great whether you stay home or go to the gym. Because looking great is always motivational…

Shop here for your exercise equipment. Whether you go to the gym or pull up a mat at home, our affiliate, Amazon, has the styles you like. Wear what shows your personality and you’ll look forward to exercising. Here you can check out the sales, see pricing and read reviews. You can even check out a few pages of the exercise or weight loss books before you buy it to be sure it’s right for you. These make fantastic gifts too!

Tap the images below to shop our affiliate, Amazon – because they have amazing customer service and you deserve that!

Buy a Fitbit

Amazon Weights
Find these and more at Amazon!
Amazon Exercise Mats
Start with a good Exercise Mat that’ll make you WANT to Exercise! Help yourself get motivated with the right equipment. Tap an image above to shop Amazon and Buy Now!

Look Great during your workout, Feel Great afterwards!

Men’s workout shirts…
Workout Clothes Workout Clothes Kutting Weight has great looking workout clothes
Women’s workout pantsadidas-mens-workout-pantsMen’s workout sweats
Womens SneakersWomen’s SneakersMens SneakersMen’s Sneakers

Fitness Books…

Starting an exercise routine? You will need a few basic fitness supplies and with the help of the right books, you can keep learning. Use your mind to further your physical fitness goals. A mind/body win/win! Once you progress you may want to check out endurance machines and exercise equipment at our fitness store.

Because knowledge lasts forever…

Check out these great books to Learn More about being Physically Fit

The Office Workout

75 Exercises you can do at your Desk

Get Up!

Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It

How to Exerise While Sitting at Your Computer

Computer Ergonomics

7 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy at Your Desk

No-Equipment Workouts!

11 Easy Steps


Revive your workday

Balance Book
Body in Balance

Weight Loss Workout

Thinking about a Standing Desk?

Stand Up to a Sitting World!
Five Minute Stretch Book5 Minute Stretch Workout Routines

Workout Series

Self Discipline
Believe in Yourself

Fitness Motivation


Improve your Balance

Exercise Ball Fitness Cards
Greater Balance

Tai Chi


Bosu Workout


Balance and Your Body
Balance Board Workouts
41HhJkLyicL__SL110_Diet & Fitness Journal 51G9zz0+EXL__SL110_
LA Fitness


Log your progress – Keep a Journal…Clip Art Journal with Pencil

It’s no secret that great things happen when you write them down. Seeing how much progress you’ve made is personally motivating.

Mini Exercise Diary / Fitness notebook / Exercise Log Book
Exercise Journal
Exercise Journal

Your Fitness Journal

12 Week Food and Exercise Journal

12 Week Food & Exercise Journal

Spiral Bound Workout Log

Daily Fitness Planner


Workout Diary with Food & Exercise Journal


Wellness Journal

Radiance Planner Personal Daily Healthy Lifestyle Diet and Nutrition Tracking Journal

Personal Lifestyle & Nutrition Planner

Fitlosophy Fitbook Get Fit Journal

*FREE* iExercise Journal

GymPad Mini Journal
Log It Now!

13 Week Fitness Journal

My Workout Journal Exercise JournalExercise Journal Exercise JournalAction Day Fitness Planner

Home & Office Decor…

Surround yourself with fun reminders to be active – start with a fun mouse pad…

Funny Exercise Mouse Pad

Funny Mouse Pad

Eat Sleep Exercise Mouse Pad

Lifestyle Mouse Pad

Exercise Motivation Mouse PadFunny Dinosaur Mouse Pad Custom Wall Decal for Your HOme

Custom Wall Decal With Your Quote For your home gym!

Office Desks & Accessories

Anti-Fatigue Must-Have for Standing Desk
Fit Desk w/Massage Bar
Sit-Stand Desk Workstation
Pre-assembled Adj. Height Desk
Treadmill Desk!
Treadmill Desk Laptop or IPAD holder

Is your chair right for you?

You can buy your new chair now – just tap an image…

While playing games, reading books, (yes, even reading about exercises), along with the work you do all day on computers is enticing. But because of the health issues this creates, books warning of the danger of sitting too long, are popping up all over the internet – to help you battle the lure of the comfy chair!

Find out why sitting all day is really so bad for you…

Tap a book cover to read book reviews before you buy…

Improve your Balance with these products…

Check out these products on Amazon to help you achieve and maintain your BALANCE…

Greater Rewards5 Step Balance Book Walking Tripping
Balance Improvement Book
Bosu TrainerBosu Training Book
Bosu Balance TrainerBosu Balance Trainer
BOSU Pro Balance Trainer
Balance Pad
TAI CHI for Beginners
Balance Book
Body in Balance
Balance & Stability Handbook
Stability Ball
Stability Ball with Resistance Bands & Pump

Balance Slide
Balance Ball ChairBalance Ball Chair 612wnIJHNfL__SL110_
Balance Wobble Cushion
Balance Board
Deluxe Balance Board (2 levels)
51sDiGjqxfL__SL110_Balance Board Workouts

Swiss Ball Workout Poster

Balance Disc

Balance Ball with Workout Guide

Board for Balance & Stability

Track your increased Endurance…

Check out these products on Amazon to help you improve your Endurance…

Mini Exercise Diary / Fitness notebook / Exercise Log BookFitness notebook 51+d3wC-4sL__SL110_TriSport Pedometer, Clip, Strap eBook 31QwGybiF-L__SL110_Tri-Axis Pedometer 41mFHPCL7pL__SL110_Breathe and StretchHandLife LCD Pedometer >21yXvobX0CL__SL160_Garmin vivofit Fitness Band
41PX8T6aF-L__SL110_Jump Rope for Endurance Training
Endurance Training WOD Nation Jump Rope
4105lnCEiEL__SL110_BlueTooth Fitness Tracker 41Tg7yarHyL__SL110_Elegant BlueTooth Sports Bracelet 413vJapGg6L__SL110_
30 Day Memory Accurate Pedometer
Digital LCD Pedometer
Fashion Smart Fitness
Fitbit Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband
Alta Fitness Tracker by Fitbit
Fitbit Activity wristband
Your Guide to Fitbit
Fitbit Tips, Tricks and Essentials
Fitbit for Beginners
Fitbit for Beginners
Fitbit Fitness Tracker 51PWzuftDKL__SL110_Garmin vívoactive Black

Get Flexible…

Books to Learn More, Journals to Track Your Progress and Equipment to Help You Improve…

Shop Stretching Bookstore for the best selections now!

41biHVcI5ML__SL110_Strap, DVD & Instruction Book 5185ZiXz-+L__SL110_Pilates Stretching Belt 41zTygIuNwL__SL110_
Foam Roller
Stretch Out Strap with Poster

Therapist’s Choice Stretch Strap
Fitness Stretch Strap w/DVD
3 Exercise Bands with Door Anchor
31jmbN5fCVL__SL110_Short Foam Roller

Puzzle Exercise Mat

Core Strength Anyone?…

51OSltF5KLL__SL110_BIO Core Ab Roller 41slmbNR5mL__SL110_Perfect Fitness Ab – Favorite! 41-LJnI2VZL__SL110_2 Core Coasters 41ZGtPbOynL__SL110_Abs Circle Pro CrossactivCoresystem *FREE* book
41VGSt8SJ7L__SL110_Healthrider Ab Machine
41YLmds7BdL._SL110_Abdominal Mat

Buy Now!Wow Dragon Ab Roller

3 Wheel Ab Roller

Ab Roller Pro Plus

Stamina Pro Bench

Stamina Pro Bench

Hollywood Pilates Pro

Hollywood Pilates Pro

Accelerated Results Pilates Pro Chair

Accelerated Results Pilates Pro Chair

STOTT Pilates Fitness Circle Pro 14

STOTT Pilates Fitness Circle Pro 14″

Yoga & Pilates Mat

Yoga & Pilates Mat

Get Strong, feel good…

Check out these products on Amazon to help you improve your STRENGTH…

51mU0V+RgZL__SL110_Beginning Workout – Strength 413IUj9yEeL__SL110_Something for Everyone

Workout Book – Beginning & Intermediate
Slow Burn Fitness
51Ce+jKNWYL__SL110_Strength Training Kettlebell Trainer w/ DVD – 30 lbs.

Kettlebell Exercise Cards
5193hfbUivL__SL110_Portable Isometric Trainer
Thera-Band Resistance Bar for Grip Strength 51QKICuAUeL__SL110_
Hand Strengthener – Forearm and Wrist Strength

Classic Strength – Beginner
Dumbbell Rack – Rubber Dumbbells
40 lb Adjustable Barbell Workout

41-Vn27UHGL__SL110_Dumbbell Set with Stand

Insulated Stainless Steel Water
41XL-utJgTL__SL110_Hydration Running Fuel Belt 41QAft6oPwL__SL110_

Tesla Running Shirt


Cool Scarf


Running Socks


Cooling Towels

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