Eat Healthy list of food types

What’s on your plate?

Eat Healthy Knowing the food groups you are eating (and how much you need of…

Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle

SF: Food Choices May Affect Your Ability to Keep Weight Off

The mix of carbohydrate, fat and protein in your diet may be a critical factor in maintaining weight loss. To your body, not all calories are created equal.

Bridge Exercise

5 Great Lower-Body Exercises

Easy Lower Body Workout If you want to focus on your quadriceps and hamstrings (front…

Benefit by Losing Weight

The Health Benefits of Losing Weight

Do you think your health would Benefit by Losing Weight ? There are 4 simple…

Exercise for your Brain Metabolism

Moderate physical activity linked to increased brain metabolism

Can Exercise Change How Your Brain Works? A new study suggests that how much, and…

Moving Around Town - Walking Fast

Opportunities Abound for Moving Around

Opportunities for Moving Around You can always get active, no matter where you are. You know…

Guy on Exercise Machine getting Fit

Take our Fitness Quiz

Take our Fitness Quiz and see how much you really know about fitness.   How…

10,000 Steps - 5,000 for Each Foot

10,000 Steps for Better Health

Imagine, just 10,000 steps a day for better health! Walking! But that takes so much…

Dark Sky with a Bolt of Lightening


Away From Keyboard (AFK) I don’t know if you saw it, but in one of…

Motivation for Healthy Habits

4 Steps to Creating Healthy Habits

Do you want to create Healthy Habits? Are you thinking about being more active? But…