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Welcome to our little corner of the WordPress Blog world. We focus solely on helping professional people who, like us, have sedentary desk jobs. We would all benefit by being more active and learning more about nutrition. Helping you make the small and livable lifestyle changes that will help you enjoy life to its fullest is what we strive for. We enjoy researching and writing articles about staying healthy through nutrition education and the impact of staying active. We sincerely hope you enjoy and benefit by our work. And, of course, share it with those you care about – your family and friends.

About our website

We publish articles and pages with one goal in mind: fitness. Our aim to help you age gracefully by sharing what we are learning and doing ourselves to age gracefully.

How do we do this? By providing you with articles about how to stay healthy and happy though good nutrition as well as by being active. We also have exercise routines to help motivate you. And don’t forget the pages of exercises, fitness products (including books) you may find helpful for starting and keeping your exercise goals.

In Summary…

It is our sincere wish that even one of our articles, exercises, reading materials or even new gym clothes and equipment recommendations will give you the motivation to get more active. Also please note that this is our personal experience and you should always consult with your doctor before starting an exercise routine. There are many factors that weigh in on decisions about safe and healthy exercises (and nutrition as well) and they have the credentials to give you professional advice. Please consult with your doctor.

Look through our articles and see if you can’t find one that will motivate you. Wishing you the best of health!

~ Joan E.

Professionals Health Connection Sugestions:

We have many more articles, so please feel free to browse through our site. We appreciate you spending time with us today – thank you!


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