Amazon Affiliate Links

Why Do We Show 2 Different Amazon Affiliate Links?

You may be wondering why we have links for some countries included in the image and some links are included in flags for the country where those products can be bought. Let me explain how the Amazon affiliate links work. 

As you know, we provide a convenient way for you to buy your fitness products from us – one stop shopping. This way, you can not only find and print your exercises, but you can also buy the outfit you will wear when doing them. And, you can buy that Treadmill that you have had your eye on. Heck, you can even buy a great gift for a friend who is trying to get fit or lose weight. (now THAT says I care…)

And because we provide this service, if we sell, Amazon will pay us advertising fees. But Amazon doesn’t pay for clicks, they only pay if we sell. 

While we love bringing that convenience to you, Amazon has rules. The rule is that if you do not sell three (3) products for that country within three (3) months (they have the right to change these rules at any time), you lose the link code for that country.

It’s about convenience…

The issue with losing the link is that you have to reapply for a new code. When you get that code, you have to change all of the links you previously created with that new code. We have lots of links, so this takes hours to do. We recently did this for Canada (twice) due to lack of sales.

I wish Amazon would rethink this practice, or at least allow us to keep the old code (heavy sigh). But, in the meantime, we know that their prices are great, their customer service is wonderful, and we know that shopping can be a hassle so we want to continue to bring you this convenience. We also know that when you click to see compression tights, a treadmill, or a great gift from a link on our site, companies send follow up emails listing ‘recently viewed’. Now, I’m not sure I’m crazy about that practice, but I have gotten them myself, so I know it’s done.

So, if you happen to buy that product from the Amazon link and not our website link, we do not get credit for those purchases. So, if you, our loyal reader do not buy from us, Amazon doesn’t pay anything. No sale, no fee. And a part of me can understand that, but I feel that puts us at a disadvantage. But that’s OK, we still have you, our loyal readers and sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy being fit!!

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