It’s About Sharing

I want to share something with you. Something big. Something that will help you tremendously. And it’s free. Yup, it’s free.*

I’ll bet you know what it is and think about it almost every day. But, like me, almost never take action. Until Now. It’s about how you can get in better shape to feel better. To look better. And the good news is that we’ve been there, done that and grew tired of the diets and we’re here to help you and hope you let us.

Now this ftiness sites aren’t new and the internet is full of great fitness and exercises, so why us? Welll… because we want you to join us. No, seriously, we do want that, but because we aren’t going to promise quick diet gimmicks. We aren’t going to promise muscle-bound arms and legs. But we are going to give you advice. Exercise tips. Nutrition tips. Wellness tips. All in small portions (pun intended :) ) so you won’t have to feel guilty not being able to read it all in one sitting. We respect you and your time. We know you are busy and that you want and need to feel good for a lifetime.

We also recommend products we think you would like because we like them and think you will find them useful too. Our organization has one simple mission  [ read more… ]

We are a small-business and that means a commitment and a relationship to you, our readers. Our readers agree: we know that physical activity (fitness) will improve your life as it has ours, but you have to make the commitment and take the time for you.

We’ll show you exercises and products that will help you achieve the health improvements you need for your busy lifestyle – it’s our promise to you.

My Story…

I am a professional who, like most office professionals, I sit at my desk 8-10 hours a day. And like most professionals, I kept having a nagging, guilty feeling that I should be doing something more for the physical ‘me’. And I grew up ‘chunky’. I think that as 16 year old girl who was 5’2″ tall and weighted more than 155 is slightly overweight – yes? I stopped weighing myself as I got closer to 160 and promised myself to change my eating habits.

I’ve always had weight challenges that may be more than slightly related to a love of ice cream. I did have several ‘dedicated months’ to exercising but every time I started to look good and not look down at my lap to my belly hanging over my pants, I stopped going to the gym.

Until now. But let me tell you how I got here…

I began to believe that getting up from my desk to get a cup of coffee counted as physical activity – it does if that’s about the only exercise you get all day – right? Walking to the elevator for lunch counted too – right?

As I packed on the pounds and started to get little aches and pains, I knew I wasn’t fooling anyone, most of all myself. I thought I could go on this way for years, after all, I had plenty of time.

But something began to happen to me. My hip ached, I couldn’t keep my balance for very long and my arm hurt from too much keyboard and mouse work. And worse, while these pains weren’t severe, they hurt! I kept thinking that I was too young for this to happen so what was going to happen to me when I got older?

Have you ever felt that way? It’s scary isn’t it?

Then an even more annoying thing happened. My husband signed me up for a gym membership and some training sessions. I worked 12 + hour days, including my commute so when I wasn’t working, I was tired. So when was I going to have time to go to the gym? Plus I would never have signed up for a personal trainer session. I had no interest in that at all. But here I was, signed up for the gym AND a personal trainer. And I’d like to think it’s not because I’m cheap, but I wasn’t going to throw our money away, so I was committed to going to the gym. Like it or not.

Now here’s the funny part. After a few weeks my hip stopped hurting, I could put my socks on standing up without leaning on anything and my arm pain was almost gone. Those aches and pains didn’t wake up at night anymore. Eureka! Now don’t get me wrong, if I don’t do my exercises for more than 3 days, I feel those aches again so I know that’s what fixed them.

Wow, I thought – that is something I should share!

Understandably, feeling better and losing a bit of weight didn’t happen overnight. It took a few months to get started and make it a habit, but hey, I was inactive for years so it was a small price to pay for feeling better. I know I should have done this a LONG time but I’m not going to beat myself up over that and if you are in the same position, you shouldn’t either. The important thing to to take action. Now.

So, if you aren’t, get and stay active. And yes, it’s that important!

Oh and one more thing before I forget – this blog has helped me also. How? Because I’ve started a small, dedicated team to help spread the word to everyone that will listen. And the research that goes into our articles helps you get the benefit without having to read through the ‘fluff’ that’s out there. The research helps us learn what we need to do too, so we are in this together. We sincerely try to help you walk away from our articles without having to weed through lots of advertising (yes, we do have some to help pay the bills), and jumping from page to page that promises information that is never delivered.

If you ever feel that we, at Professionals Health Connection, do you deliver on our commitment, please let us know. We want you to return weekly as you commit to a lifetime of good health, better nutrition and healthy exercising.


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Most exercises can be done at home with little or no equipment. For those that need more motivation (like me), we have done some shopping and have some product recommendations that we believe will help. We know you are busy and since we shop for ourselves, we love to share. We also know that shopping on the internet can be time consuming with little to show for the effort.

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We hope you enjoyed reading our story. We are delighted that you took time out of your day to join us. Thank you!

Joan E. Wilder Healthy Heart Exercise

Stay Active!

Joan E. 

PS. We’ll consider ourselves successful if even one person becomes more active and happier because of our efforts. Will that person be you?