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  1. Joan, I’m one of those almost 80 (July 2019) active old people. I got the message how to age healthfully years ago, and was blessed with good genes, I think! Your posts are so important, please never stop blogging. I’m a retired nurse practitioner and did a lot of counseling clients on physical and mental health. So important along with therapy, and medication if absolutely needed. Look forward to reading more of your health related material! 📚🎶 Christine

    1. Hi Christine – it is so nice to meet you! And thank you so much for your kind words. I started exercising at 60 and it has been wonderful for me. It was difficult getting started but once it became a habit its not so tough. My friend and I joke that starting is so much tougher then keeping at it, so we made a pact to never stop. And with the nutrition improvements (yes, I slip sometimes :( ), my health has improved and I feel like I have more energy than ever before. I am grateful that you stopped by and please visit often! Nurses are God’s angels!

      Thank you again Christine and welcome to the family!!

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