Unique Fitness Equipment

If you are like my husband and I, due to the pandemic and wanting to stay healthy, we have stopped going to the gym and began exercising at home. And with this, we started looking for a treadmill or elliptical. But this is equipment we owned before, and they sat in the basement and gathered dust. Now granted, that was before we began to exercise regularly, but still. Odd are that we’d stop using them. But little by little, I started to notice unique fitness equipment that I hadn’t seen before and that got me excited thinking of how to use them.

Balance Endurance Core Jump Rope


Unique Fitness Equipment Anyone?

So, as I mentioned, I came across some unique equipment that we thought might be fun, challenging, and good conversational material too. But, without knowing anyone who uses them, or knows someone who uses them, we are a bit skeptical. Well, we thought it would be great to ask you all what you think of the items below. We have questions like:

  • Would you buy it?
  • Do you own it?

And if you have purchased it:

  • Would you recommend it?
  • What do you like about it?
  • What don’t you like about it?

Lots of great questions, but no answers. I mean, we can read the Amazon reviews, but knowing from someone that we trust is much better. So, we were going to ask if you would let us know what you think. And we do realize that some of these unique fitness equipment items have just come onto the market so it may be that no one knows just yet. We would prefer to show items that we know at least someone who has used them. So that’s our disclaimer. We have never used any of these items and we have no idea if they are worthwhile but thought it would be fun to share and get your thoughts.

And, if you are starting an exercise routine, always check with your Doctor. There are many factors that weight into a safe workout.

Unique Fitness Products for a Home Gym

Being a big fan of the Bird Dog, I wonder if these would be a fun substitution once a week? They do look like fun!

Yes4All Set of 6 Balance pods with 3 New Shapes – Hedgehog, Rocky, Geometric Stability pods, Improve core Strength, Body Awareness, Coordination

Under Desk Elliptical Machine for Home Workout – Mini Elliptical, Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser, Whisper Quiet, Under Desk Pedal Exerciser

Jump Rope

I have seen this on TV, but don’t know anyone who has one. This one is sold on Amazon and looks slightly different than the Mirror, but I think the concept is the same. Here’s a link to their website. You can take a look at their video explaining how it works. You can shop there as well. Either way, if you get one, please stop back and let us know. I am not so sure I’d be crazy about looking into a mirror as I exercise, but who knows, maybe it’s great!

Echelon Reflect Smart Connect Fitness Mirrors

A Product for Multi-taskers…

I love this idea. I swear by the Plank (yes, it’s the exercise we love to hate) and this looks great! Ever since I first saw this, I’ve been thinking of getting it. This has strong possibilities as well. Have you tried it yet?

Stealth Core Trainer – Get a Lean Strong Core Playing Games On Your Phone; Free iOS/Android App; 4 Free Mobile Games Included; Dynamic Core Training

I saw this and did a double-take. Interesting concept, but I have lots of questions on this one. I would imagine that most gyms would not have them due to the price-tag (not to mention that with Covid, it may not be safe). But if you have seen one, please let us know, I’m extremely curious on this product!

Pool Bike combines Physical exercise inside spa capsule Not as difficult as full pool exercise Maximum hygiene incorporated Ability to change water after each treatment Easy to use

This was just released, so there are no ratings yet, but let me know if you’ve tried them. Also, one reviewer said to note that 4 pods come with the set, not the 6 that the ad shows, so that’s a bit misleading. But I saw an ad showing a man kickboxing with them so that looked interesting. This has possibilities.

BlazePod Flash Reflex Lights and Reaction Training System, Challenging Activities to Improve Speed and Agility – for Athletes, Martial Arts, Soccer, Boxing, Basketball…

Pilates Reformer

I am sure that people who practice Pilates (is that the right term?) are familiar with this, but I have never heard of a Reformer. And we did look at the individual items in this bundle and this is a great price with good reviews. But looking at some of the pictures in the book below make Pilates look really difficult. Do you need a trainer to begin? Let me know if it just looks challenging and if you have any suggestions to share.

Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer Bundle
Brand: Merrithew
4.5 out of 5 stars 85 ratings | 78 answered questions

STOTT PILATES Manual – Intermediate Reformer, 2nd Edition (English)
4.5 out of 5 stars 36 ratings
Stott Pilates Essential Reformer Manual-2nd Edition
4.5 out of 5 stars 69 ratings | 4 answered questions

We hope you enjoyed seeing the unique fitness equipment we found. And we hope that some even made you smile. And maybe you had the same first reaction that I had, saying, ‘what the heck?’

In Conclusion, you may like some tried and true ideas…

You may also like to see our Best Home Gym Series that focuses on everything from the decor to the equipment. Depending on your response to the products above (or add your own), we may add some of these new items to that list. See how many items you already use in your workout!

Thank you so much for spending time with us today. We hope you stay safe and stop by often!

Wishing you the best of health!

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