The Effects of Music on Exercise

Do you know that listening to music can effect your workout? Well, there’s proof that it helps with exercise duration and intensity. A 2017 academic study showed that people exercised an average of 37 minutes when listening to music. Now compare that to people who exercised 22 minutes without music. And the heart rate of people exercising to music far exceeded those of people who didn’t listen. The impact of exercising while listening to music is noticeable. This is likely to positively influence the effectiveness of the workout.

Review the infographic below from Michael Nash for additional details. Michael works at My Fitness Boutique, located in North London (West Hampstead). You can see Michael’s Bio below as well as additional information about his previous work. Michael’s has had a positive effect on our workout and hope you agree that it’s thorough and informative. Enjoy!

Music on Exercise Infographic

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About the Author:

Michael Nash is the Marketing Manager of My Fitness Boutique, a gym based in north London. He enjoys creating content related to fitness and does everything he can to help people succeed with their fitness goals.

We hope you found this information as helpful as we did. In fact, we grappled with this same question in a previous post: Exercise to Music.And we are delighted that Michael got to the bottom of that question for us too.

We hope you enjoy the benefits music can bring to your workout. Wishing you the best of health!

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