Airline Dining for Gluten-Free Travelers

Gluten-Free Airline Dining for Gluten-Free Travelers…

While global flight carriers have made tremendous strides to accommodate the dietary needs of passengers who cannot eat gluten, there’s not much clear information available about the popular airline policies. If you are looking for Gluten Free airline food, you have to do your research. That is why we want to share this preview of a guide that will simplify all of that for you!

The guide lists 54 popular airlines and how friendly they are for gluten-free fliers. We believe this is a must-read for you if you are planning a long flight and have special dietary needs. For the full article, please share the link below with someone you know that requires special dietary attention from the airlines. Read on…
Airline Food Experiences Vary

You need to know:

  • Some of the most common foods – chocolate, nuts, cheese – are the most risky
  • The majority of airlines allow a 24-hour notice, but some require up to 72 hours ahead for special meals

Airlines don’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to the in-flight dining experience. However, those of us who complain about the standard choice between “chicken or pasta?” should count our blessings.

While traveling with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, you aren’t so much concerned about a bland piece of protein and veggie preferences as you are about your own safety and wellbeing. Putting your gastrointestinal health in someone else’s hands can be worrisome – even more so while 40,000 feet in the air.

Fortunately, rounded up a guide to airline dining for gluten-free travelers that offers some interesting research as well as practical tips for flying with a gluten sensitivity. After surveying 54 airlines, they fortunately round that nearly all offer “Special Meal” requests to accommodate a variety of food allergies and/or healthy conditions.

Here is a quick overview from the guide:

  • Most airlines allow you to reserve a “Special Meal” request up to 24 hours before departure. But be sure to check, some airlines cut off at 48 or even 72 hours prior
  • A handful of the airlines surveyed charge extra for meal accommodations
  • Many airlines cannot guarantee gluten-free meals were free from cross-contamination; others explicitly state their options are just “low in gluten”
  • The sooner you input your “Special Meal” request, the better
  • Do your research and be prepared to bring your own snacks and meals if you’re unsure of the care they put into the preparation.
Visit’s Guide:
Airline Dining for Gluten-Free Travelers

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