62 Awesome Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities are Fantastic Fun!

Try Outdoor Activities for stress-free fun! As you may know, we focus on helping people with sedentary jobs become more active and stay motivated. And additionally, since these jobs usually lead to stress, how to deal with that stress. And what’s the best way to deal with stress?

Being Active with Outdoor Activities, of course!

And having said that, we know that the best way for professionals with desk jobs to get active is with a great vacation. And towards that, we were fortunate enough to be introduced to Julie Singh (see Julie’s Bio below). Julie wrote an amazing article containing 62 activities to do in the great outdoors. Need we say more? Sunshine anyone?

So, if you want to plan an adventurous outdoor vacation, here’s some inspiration from Julie! We’ve just provided a sample here, but you can check out Julie’s complete article here:

Summer Outdoor Activities

1. Nature Walks

An outdoor activity for people of all ages and all experience levels. Just get outside, pick a trail and walk around enjoying the great outdoors. Take in the beautiful views, nature around you, and wildlife. You can even search for specific plants or wildlife on your walk.

2. Hiking

Outdoor Activities - Hiking

Discover why so many people fall in love with hiking! Get into the outdoors and leave your worries at the trailhead. Hiking can be any difficulty, from a quick half hour saunter along a river to a strenuous multi-hour mountain trek. Choose what best suits your ability and study up on trail reports before going – usually found on state recreation sites online.
TIP: Our favorite hike finding, and navigation app is Alltrails. The Pro version allows you to download offline maps, which can come in handy for backcountry adventures if you’re not packing a map and a compass.

3. Backpacking

If you enjoy hiking and camping in any form, then combining those outdoor activities is exactly what you should do! While backpacking, you will carry everything you need for the duration of your trek on your back. This approach to adventuring in nature can be highly rewarding as people can feel much closer with nature and aware of their surroundings. Be sure to have the right gear and look up trail and weather reports before setting of on your journey! Some essentials for your backpacking trip include:

Winter Outdoor Activities

53. Ice Skating

A great activity for all seasons, you can find an indoor rink in the hot summer to stay cool or check out some beautiful outdoor rinks or even a frozen pond in the winter months. You can rent skates and get out on the rink to practice your speed, your balance, or even your grace practicing spins and jumps.

54. Sledding

A must do winter-time outdoor activity! You can purchase a sled or make your own following DIY instructions or even use something as accessible as a garbage can lid find a hill with some snow and let the sled do the rest of the work. The adrenaline rush going down the hill will make it worth the climb back up every time!

55. Snowshoeing

Snowshoe Hike
Don’t let snow stop you from taking a hike in the winter, keep exploring your favorite trails. Feel the effects that snow has on nature as everything has a blanket of calming silence over it. Snowshoeing allows you to access otherwise inaccessible areas in deep snow and offers incredible rewards with stunning wintertime views. Most outdoor gear stores offer rentals and advice, and don’t forget to check forecasts before hitting the trail!

About the Outdoor Activities Author – Julie Singh…

Author Julie Singh Headshot

Julie is passionate about outdoor adventure, wildlife and conservation. She spends her free time mountain biking, hiking, paddle boarding and snowboarding, and she also loves to challenge herself with new outdoor adventures.

Julie spent 15 years in Retail, Merchandising and Finance, leading teams and growing large businesses before she co-founded TripOutside with her husband Reet.

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Photo’s provided by TripOutside.com

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