How to Prep for Your Workout

Prep for Your Workout in 4 Easy Steps

Do you have trouble sticking with an exercise routine? And do you find that you want to exercise each week, but simply forget when you had the time? Or maybe you just didn’t ‘feel’ like it when you had the time? Do you find that sticking to an exercise routine difficult? If you’ve experienced any of these reasons, you know that getting into an exercise routine isn’t easy. But there is one thing that can help. One simple word – HABIT. And once you form a healthy habit, it will become part of your life, the same as doing laundry on Thursdays and grocery shopping on Saturdays. And the first step is to know how to prep for your workout.

Follow these easy steps for a month and they’ll become habit. I do these to prepare for Flexibility Monday. Since I only need a mat, I do this workout routine at home. Also note that the 2nd step, recording the session is only necessary if your fitness program doesn’t record flexibility workouts. My Fitbit app records my heart rate but stretching doesn’t raise the rate enough to register. So, to be sure I record the workout, I log it manually.

Do you use a fitness app that records your stretch workout? Or are you like me and need to record these workouts manually?

And as an added bonus, many health insurance companies use fitness apps to reward activity, so be sure that those workouts are recorded accurately too.

Let’s get started!

How to get prep for your workout

What we will cover:

Equipment Used

For this example, I’ll go through the steps for our Monday, 35 minute full-body flexibility workout. Let me know if you have additional steps that you do that you think would be helpful. What I use:

    • an exercise mat
    • a smartphone
      • iPhone timer
      • iPhone stopwatch
      • Fitbit app
    • a workout routine
    • 35 minutes

Steps in a Workout Prep

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How to Prep for a Workout – Step 1:  Select a Workout

This first step is important as it involves selecting your workout. You’ll want to select your workout first because there are mat, equipment, and timing options that you will want to take into consideration. For example, having a stopwatch is important to doing a Plank, but isn’t important if you are using an elliptical machine because these machines normally have a built-in timer that counts down from your goal.

The flexibility workout we have chosen doesn’t require any equipment, so we are all set for Step 2.

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Workout Prep – Step 2: Select a Mat

There are lots of reasons why you should use a mat and protecting your body from a hard floor seems to be the best. But you’ll also want the right mat for the exercise you are doing.

See below for our article “How to Choose an Exercise Mat” for straight-forward advice on how to find the right mat for the type of workout you’ll be doing.

If you need a towel or will be using weights, gather them in this step. Hint – leaving everything together is a great way to save some time. I keep my mat, bands, and weights together in my office closet, so they are handy for almost all my workouts.

OK now, we have all our equipment and ready for Step 3.

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Workout Prep – Step 3: Record Your Workout

Activity trackers can normally detect your workout but if your device isn’t fully charged, you aren’t wearing your Fitbit (if it’s not waterproof), or you are doing a stretch workout (Fitbit records by heart rate), you may want to log your exercise manually.

You can see the full details about how to do that with our article How to Log Your Workout on Fitbit. Remember to hit ‘Edit Exercise Details’ twice. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t show calories unless you do that step. For the best results, keep your Fitbit fully charged.

Almost done, we are now ready for Step 4.

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Workout Prep – Step 4: Set your timer

Using your smartphone or other device, set the timer to record your entire workout. And use the stopwatch for timing a single exercise at the same time. When you are doing a plank or aerobic workout you may find the stopwatch to be very useful.


When you are ready to begin, hit start on the timer. It will count backwards until your exercise time is up. After doing these steps a few times, it will become second nature.

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In Conclusion, you are READY!

See? As promised, these steps are easy, and you are all set for a great workout! Now keep in mind that there are a few other things to do, like staying hydrated, warming up, etc., but we’ll cover that another time. And above all, it’s proven that exercise habit is one of the best ways to a healthier lifestyle.

So, congratulate yourself on doing something good for your health!

Alternative Equipment

Don’t have this equipment? That’s not a problem. Simply improvise. Here are some suggestions and links to Amazon products and our favorite flexibility workout…

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