7 Full Body Resistance Band Exercises

Today we want to share resistance band exercises by author Anita Fernandez. Anita gives us some great exercises for a whole-body strength workout. Please help us welcome Anita. See Anita’s interesting Bio below.

7 Resistance Band Exercises to strengthen your whole body

Resistance bands are a simple way to increase the intensity of your exercises. But don’t let their simplicity fool you as they can be used to exercise every major muscle group in your body. They can also be combined with other exercise equipment to improve your workouts.

1. Resistance Band Exercises – Butterfly Squats

Place a looped resistance band around your thighs lower yourself into the squat. At the bottom of the squat, pivot on the balls of your feet, lift your heels and spread your knees outward. Reverse these steps to return to your starting position. Butterfly squats with a resistance band target the core muscles as well as the quads, hamstrings, outer thighs and glutes.

2. Resistance Band Exercises – Side Plank

Wrap your resistance band around both your feet and hold the ends in your hand. Follow through with your regular plank exercise where your hips are lifted while you balance on your forearm and the outside of your foot. Keeping the resistance band taut, slowly raise your leg as far as you can and then lower it until it is a few inches from your other foot. Do a few reps and then switch sides. This side plank with a resistance band will help you target your obliques, back and shoulders.

3. Resistance Band Exercises – Spiderman Push-Up

Place the resistance band around your feet and get into the push-ups position with your wrists directly under your shoulders. As you lower your chest, twist your body and draw up your left knee so that it almost touches your left elbow. Reverse the steps to go back to your starting position and then repeat it on the other side. The Spiderman push-up targets your triceps, deltoids and pectoral muscles. It also engages your core muscles.

4. Seated Row

Sit on the floor with your legs together and stretched out straight in front of you. Loop the resistance band around your feet so that they rest securely against your soles. Grab the ends of the band in each hand and extend your arms. Slowly bend your elbows and pull your hands in to touch your stomach. Return to your original position and the repeat. The seated row works the arm muscles as well as the back muscles, especially the latissimus dorsi which is the largest muscle in the upper body.

5. Reverse Crunch

Lie flat on your back with your resistance band wrapped around your feet and your hands stretched straight out above your head. Cross the ends of the band and hold them near your face while you bend your hips and raise your upper body so that your knees touch your chest .Then extend your legs and arms back to your original position and repeat.

6. Bicycle Crunches

Lie flat on the floor with your knees bent so that you can slip the resistance band around your feet. Place your fingertips behind your head near your ears and then start pedaling putting one foot ahead of the other. As you do this, twist your upper body to the opposite side so that your elbow comes across your body towards your other knee. Repeat this on the other side to complete a rep. The bicycle crunch contracts the rectus abdominis muscles – the “six-pack” muscles. This exercise also helps to tone your thighs and strengthen your hamstrings and quads.

7. Lunges

Stand up straight and take a step forward onto the center of your resistance band so that it is firmly beneath your right foot. Grab the ends of your resistance band and then move your left foot further behind. Keep your back straight while you bend your knees and lower your body until your font thigh is almost parallel to the ground. Repeat this and then switch sides to complete the set. Resisted lunges help to strengthen the quads and glutes as well as improve balance.

Regular exercise helps to build and strengthen muscle tone. However, if you have any existing lower back problems or if you experience sciatica symptoms, contact your doctor before you start an exercise regimen.

Author Bio:

Anita Fernandes has been writing extensively on health and wellness for over a decade. She has expertise in nutrition, fitness, public health, and weight loss and has contributed content to a variety of leading digital health publishers.

Anita has a unique perspective on healthy living and lifestyle, as she has battled and overcome eating disorders and obesity. She shares her experiences in an effort to help others overcome the physical and mental health problems that can sometimes seem insurmountable.

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