10 Amazing Disease Fighting Foods

Today we want to share an article by author Jennifer Jeane about disease fighting foods. Jennifer gives us specific examples of foods that we should be eating to fight disease. Please welcome Jennifer and see below to read her Bio.

10 Amazing Disease Fighting Foods

The primary health diseases, including heart diseases, cancer, blood pressure, and cholesterol, can be controlled by adding some natural foods in the diet. Below is the list of natural foods:

Fresh Fruits

Having a bowl full of fruits in a day is the best way to cure all types of diseases in the body. A bowl full of fruits is full of healthy nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and many other diseases fighting nutrients.

The fruits that are rich in healthy nutrients are:

They are rich in pectin and soluble fiber. It helps to lower blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, lessens the severity of diabetes, and it also decreases the risk of colon and breast cancer.

It helps to improve blood cholesterol, and it also helps as an aid for the aid for heart strokes. It is renowned to cure urinary tract infections naturally.
Cranberry juice is used as a significant content to cure cancer.

Adding a medium-sized orange in your daily diet can provide all the essential nutrients to the body. It is a rich source of Vitamin C, which helps to boost immunity and also to fight cancer. Having orange juice is the best source of every essential nutrient in the body, instead of having any supplement.

Having one cup of papaya cubes supplies more than what you require daily. It is a good source of Vitamin A and E, potassium, folate, and powerful antioxidants to protect your body from heart diseases and colon cancer.

They are sweet and juicy; having one cup of raspberries in a day can provide more than 25% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C and manganese. It has high antioxidant and antimicrobial property.

Good Fats

A person who is dealing with overweight issues or obesity is suggested more into danger than a regular person. It is quite essential to choose the right type of fats for the body, be it a healthy person or a person with weight issues. We must add lean proteins and low-fat dairy products in the diet. Also switching from butter to vegetable oil is the best solution to have healthy fats in the body. Heart disease is the primary type of illness that can be caused due to the intake of unhealthy fats like saturated and trans fats, mayonnaise, packed foods, and desserts.

They are rich in monosaturated fats and potassium and are also free from cholesterol. Having half an avocado is rich in fiber which is required for a day. It is also known as the powerhouse for having a healthy heart.

Flaxseeds are a rich source of lignin and antioxidants that powerfully help to treat certain diseases and certain cancers, especially breast cancer. They help to lower the cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of heart disease. It contains approximately 20% of the daily recommended fiber.

Dry nuts, especially walnuts, provide the necessary amount of omega-three fatty acids and helps to improve blood cholesterol levels. They also help maintain blood pressure. Including one-quarter cup of walnuts in your daily diet supplies approximately 90% of the daily required nutrients.

Many primary vegetables which are essential for the diet are:

1. Beets

2. Spinach
3. Broccoli
4. Cabbage
5. Cauliflower
6. Watercress (especially for women)

Disease Fighting Foods – Vegetables

These vegetables are rich in antioxidants and fibers, which help to treat colorectal, breast, and ovarian cancers.

Sweet Potato
Very rich in potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6, sweet potato’s help to fight inflammation. They may also help to prevent clogging of the arteries. Having one sweet potato has over four times the daily recommended diet. It is best to take as baked, roasted or cubed and make sure to leave the skins on.

Spinach has high anti-aging properties and also helps to protect the heart from cardiovascular disease and helps to maintain body weight.

One cup of sprouts has less than 10 calories, which ultimately makes that fat free. It has phytochemicals called saponins that help to lower the cholesterol of the body and it also helps to protect against cancer. One can enjoy it with a salad or sandwich.

Fresh Vegetables
It is essential to have fresh and healthy vegetables daily especially having green and leafy vegetables.

Additional Disease Fighting Foods

Rich in probiotics, which helps to boost the immune system, diminishes terrible breath, and helps in proper digestion. Yogurt also helps to increase the lifespan. It is a low-fat version to minimize saturated fats. One cup of yogurt a day can fulfill one-third of the daily calcium requirement and also provides some amount of protein.

Vegetarians must not worry; other natural foods that are mentioned in this list are enough to help you treat several major diseases. On the other hand, the non-vegetarians must eat 4 ounces of turkey breast to fulfill almost 50% of daily selenium and certain minerals. Nutrients like niacin and vitamin B6 are essential to provide required energy, and it helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

Whole Grains
Include brown bread and brown rice in your diet. This will protect your body from heart diseases and cancer. Also, bulgur, barley, quinoa, oatmeal, and whole oats are essential to provide amino acids to the blood to lower the risk of high blood pressure.


As mentioned above, if you maintain a diet that includes all types of natural foods you will not only feel better, but this can help you treat every possible disease. You may also be interested in an additional article on Cholesterol: https://howtocure.com/cholesterol/.


Author Bio:

Jennifer is a proficient writer who firmly believes in the age-old remedies and holistic medicine as a primary cure for several diseases. After graduating she embarked on a journey to find the truth about holistic and natural remedies.

We hope you found Jennifer’s article as informational as we did. If you have anything to add to this topic, please leave a comment. Thank you for spending time with us today and as always, we wish you the best of health!

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