How to Find Your Heart Rate

Want to Find Your Heart Rate?

Following-up with our last article, The Importance of Knowing Your Heart Rate, with your homework complete, you’ll know your target heart rate as well as your resting heart rate. If not, here’s your opportunity to follow along to see what to do as I explain how I found my rate, and what I learned from that information. Read below to learn step-by-step how to find your heart rate.

My Heart Rate Homework

Here’s how I completed my homework. First, I went to the Heart Rate by Age Chart and found my age – between 60 and 65 beats per minute (bpm). And I see that my target heart rate (when active) should be between 80 – 136 bpm.

I’ve read where walking is great for you so I walked for a few minutes and my heart rate went to 109 bpm and hit the cardio zone, then after about 5 minutes of walking, it went as high as 112 bpm. Now I know that getting my heart rate elevated, even if not at the high-end of the scale, is much better than sitting too long.

Ok, I thought, this is good information. I can actively monitor my rate now and am much more aware of my heart and what it’s telling me.

Then, looking at that same chart, I found that my maximum Heart Rate is 160 beats per minute. 160 bpm – seriously?!?!! I’m not sure I ever hit that, but I’ll check my Fitbit information in a few minutes. In the meantime, I’ve already checked my walking rate on my Fitbit so right there I’m smarter about my health than I was just yesterday. I never would have thought that simply walking could get my heart rate to 109 bpm (my original guess was 85). That is 35 bpm – per minute! – than if I was sitting at my desk. It may be that using a heart rate tracker is giving me just the help I needed to be healthier. Let’s continue.

What do you mean – I’m just Above Average?

Next, I looked at the second chart,  Resting Heart Rate Chart (from, and found that an AVERAGE resting heart rate for my age 56 – 65 is 74-77 bpm. So I checked my Fitbit (did I mention that I love my Fitbit Alta HR! See below to shop…) app for my heart rate history and today I am above average. Hum, above average? Honestly, I have met the guidelines for almost four years now and working hard. Ok, maybe not THAT hard, but I’m not goofing off…

Checking Fitbit App History…

Wanting to see my recent bpm’s, I checked my Fitbit app for my heart rate history and found that I actually had a resting heart rate of 69 for a few days last week. I also found that I actually hit 68 recently! So close to the GOOD mark – several times, I’ve been just 1-2 bpm away from it.

Now that my goal is to get to the GOOD group, I’ll start doing some research about finding easy ways to get into there. With working all day, I’m not looking to add more time to my workouts, but I am curious to see if that goal is achievable with the time I’ve already set aside for exercise. I’ll see what I come up with and share what I found in the next few weeks.

Know Your Heart Rate

As you can see, finding your heart rate is pretty easy. Tracking it historically can be a bit more work, but with a fitness tracker app, it’s easy. If you haven’t been tracking your heart rate, we hope you give this a try. Seeing how close you are to being in a ‘good’ group for you can be just the motivation you need to get more active. Let us know if you do start tracking and if it’s helpful to you.

You might like the Alta HR as much as I do!

I never planned on buying a Fitbit, but I joined a challenge that required a fitness tracker. I did some research and liked the look and features of the Alta HR. Additionally, it only cost a little more than I would have spent for a watch and with all the added features of a tracker, it seemed worthwhile. And because of the reviews, I purchased the extended warranty. Now I think the reviewers thought they had problems because they were hesitant to re-sync their devices. I easily re-synced mine twice in a few months without loss of data. I will write on that in the future. In the meantime, if you need help, leave me a comment below – I’m happy to help if I can.

Anyway, see what you think, it might be just the thing you need. These Fitbit’s have 3 or more stars, but you can read both good and bad reviews to get a good idea of the product. Sometimes you can tell if the reviewer expected their Fitbit it to work out-of-the-box and may not have taken the time to understand the instructions.

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Do you know how to find your Heart Rate? Do you keep a journal with your Heart Rate history?

We hope you found this information useful and want to thank you for spending time with us today. Think of us and purchase though our website links from our affiliate, Amazon. We wish you the best of health!

Important Note: Our articles are our personal experience and is not medical advice. Please contact your doctor if you have questions about your heart rate or health concerns.

We hope you find this article helpful and want to thank you for spending time with us today. Wishing you the best of health!