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Editors’ Picks for this month are focused on keeping your Heart Healthy. Learn about maintaining a heart healthy diet with great recipes that will help you and your family live a long, healthy life. Take care of your heart and it will take care of you.

Everyone should have an understanding of how to take care of their heart. Good nutrition is often synonymous with being healthy. And being healthy is what living a good life is all about. Take care of yourself because if you have your health, you have everything.

Eating a varied diet of healthy foods can help with your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol.

by  the Heart Foundation

Recommendations for you – to help you keep your heart healthy…

Cook Healthy: Heart Healthy Diet
Heart Healthy Diet
by Kay Hersom

The Beginners Guide to Eating Heart Smart!

Customer Review: “I’m always looking for new and interesting recipes to be heart healthy. This was a delightful surprise as it contains some very good information for heart awareness. I definitely enjoyed the read. “

Cook Healthy: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook
by Ann Crile Esselstyn

Over 125 Delicious, Life-Changing, Plant-Based Recipes

Customer Review: “I don’t have heart disease and I plan on not having, that’s why I bought this cookbook. It has exceeded my expectations. I’ve tried several recipes (they are quite easy to prepare and don’t have tons of ingredients) and so far all have been outstanding. Delicious and even my partner loves them despite the absence of salt or sugar “

Heart Book by Jeffrey Dach MD
Heart Book
by Jeffrey Dach MD

How to Keep Your Heart Healthy
Customer Review: “Dr. Dach has put together a most thorough compilation of the alternative viewpoints of heart health and specific treatment modalities of heart disease. The writing is clear and he pulls no punches in his condemnation of certain allopathic approaches. “

We hope you find these books helpful. Thank you for spending part of your day with us. Wishing you the Best of Health!

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Author: Joan

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    1. Thank you AOC! Heart Disease runs in my husbands family and a quadruple at 48 made me realize that there is much to learn about the disease. I hope it helps, especially the recipes books, the recipes look tasty w/o all the ‘bad’ ingredients. Thank you for visiting AOC! :) hugs!

  1. An important reminder, Joan; nutrition is so important to good health.
    Reading the comment from AOC and your reply, I couldn’t help but wonder if you were referring to yourself, or your husband regarding the ‘quadruple’? Either way that must have been quite scary!

    1. I was a bit cryptic – my apologies! Yes Carolyn, that was scary and my husband. A stent and a few scares since then (one just last week) – it certainly keeps us on our toes! :) Thank you for visiting with us Carolyn, it is always a pleasure! hugs!

        1. Thank you Carolyn, you are so sweet for saying that. That means so much to me. I am wishing you and your loved ones all the best of health! Stay well my friend!

  2. I just received medical Holter electrocardiography (a 24 hour electrocardiogram).
    I will be careful, too! :D

    1. Please do Nasuko – I hope you are well – I’ll have to look that up, but 24 hour – it sounds like they are watching your heart?? I hope you are ok! I am wishing you the best of health!

        1. I hope that there was ‘No change’. And thank you for the information from Dr. Holter – great info! Thank you Nasuko!

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