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A Fantastic Chape Fitness Challenge

We are so excited to share this with you. David at Chape Fitness is starting a fitness challenge on November 5th! And, whether you enjoy fitness challenges or not, you might want to give this one a try. Just in time for the holidays, David will challenge you for 4 weeks in the privacy of your own home. Join the Chape Fitness Challenge Now and begin on Monday, November 5th.

If you are looking to lose fat and tone your muscles, this challenge is for you. From the comfort of your home, at your own pace, and without risk of injury, you can look better in four (4) weeks! I saw a preview and I think you’re gonna love Chape’s Challenge!

Mark Your Calendar!

Chape Challenge Fitness Girls

If you need new resistance bands or need to replace your current bands, see below for buying options.

Sign up for the David Chape Fitness Challenge:

Chape Fitness Challenge

Here are the details:

Chape Fitness Challenge Who:  

This challenge is ideal for women, newbies and people who haven’t worked out in a long time. Based on a new fitness group class that David is teaching in person to women from 25 to 60 years old. They all have lost weight, toned muscle, and improved their posture in just four weeks. 

What you Need: 

The only equipment needed is a resistance band.


Wherever you have access to YouTube.


Beginning November 5, 2018, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for four weeks, David will include videos for each exercise and the workout will last 30 minutes.


Signing up is not mandatory. WP users will see every post on their readers, signing up is not necessary. Not a WP user? Use the sign up option so you can get the workouts in an email. 

Are you ready to accept the challenge? I hope to see you all on November 5th.

Check Out These Helpful Resources:

You can sync your calendar via stanza:  and you will get the links to the posts and reschedule as needed.

Evernote has a free version, sync via Stanza is free, sign up via mail is free… So whatever you choose to join the challenge, it will be free. See Chape’s Website for details.  If you don’t have an Evernote account you can see the notes in the browser, but won’t be able to edit the notes.

Once you create your account, you can save the notes to your account and make whatever you want to them: add comments, pictures, tags…

Every exercise will be shown in a YouTube video.

Every workout will have a link to a music playlist (also YouTube). YEAH!

David will suggest a food every day, linking to his recipe notebook so you can eat healthy in November.

David will also provide a Facebook closed group where you can ask him questions, share pictures of you and your team, and share your experiences.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab a few friends, Sign-up and get ready for Monday!

Excerpt from David’s Bio:

“Body transformation specialist adept in helping diverse populations achieve their fitness, weight loss and conditioning goals faster than they ever thought possible.

Empowered university student clients to take control of their eating and exercise habits by providing personalized training, customized meal plans, knowledgeable instruction and motivational support.”

Want to know more about David? Tap here to read his bio.

Need Bands for your Fitness Challenge? Try these…


Some additional Band Exercises to try…

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  1. I started this yesterday and David did a great job with this. He has a playlist, shows YouTube for each exercise and even has recipes that you can try while you are doing the challenge. He’s got great testimonials as a professional trainer and lots of credentials!

    Can’t wait for do today’s exercises tomorrow morning!! :)

    Thanks David!!

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