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My Fitness BoutiqueA 500 Calorie Burn in 30?

Sign me up! Finally, a useful exercise infographic! A 500-Calorie Burn in just 30 minutes is a fabulous infographic, created by Michael Nash, about how to get a great workout quickly. Michael works at My Fitness Boutique, located in North London (West Hampstead). See Michael’s Bio is below.

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Starting a Gym Programme

Many people have firm intentions of starting a gym programme. But because of other life priorities, they find it difficult to make a commitment to the gym. The perfect alternative is a high-intensity routine. These routines pack a serious workout into a short period of time. They require little or no equipment, and you can do them from home. By sticking with these workouts, you’ll soon burn a load of calories and witness spectacular results.

I think that your readers might enjoy this infographic.

I agree – please enjoy and let Michael know if you like a high-calorie workout too!

Burn 500 Calories in 30 Minutes - Infographic- MyFitnessBoutique

Author Bio

Michael Nash is the Marketing Manager of My Fitness Boutique, a gym based in north London. Michael enjoys creating content related to fitness. And he is doing everything he can to help people succeed with their fitness goals.

We hope you found this information as helpful as we did. Wishing you the best of health – enjoy your workout and the results it produces!

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