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    1. Thank you for sharing that Carolyn. I had no idea and I hope that Amazon is changing their company policies and addressing this issue. Definitely something I need to check into. As David said earlier, there are other affiliates and I’ll have to do my research. Thank you so much for the insight, that is very scary.

  1. I´m sorry they cut you off. It sucks, plain and simple.
    Affiliate marketing is tough, at least in my experience. We advertise big brands (or gigantic ones like Amazon) in hopes to get a small commission. I know how frustrating it is to get a lot of clicks but no sales! Don´t let this discourage you, Joan. I´ve never applied to Amazon because, in my opinion, they offer the worst conditions to their affiliates. Have you ever considered to join smaller brands´ affiliate programs?
    You´re doing a great job, no matter what Amazon says ;)
    Warm hugs,

    1. That is great advice David, I’ll have to check it out. And more importantly thank you for the kind words David, I have gotten so much time invested with Amazon I hadn’t even considered any other companies, but you are right – it’s time to look at other options.
      Thank you so much for that, I needed a friend. Warm hugs back :) and thanks!

  2. There are other affiliate programs you can try still, Joan. For example, Walmart, Overstock… I hope you have success as you have such passion for fitness :)

    1. Thank you Christy, Great advice, I’ll try them. Yes, I know firsthand how much getting fit can affect your outlook. I am a late bloomer :) LOL hugs and thank you sincerely!

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