What is a Natural Work Out?

So What is a Natural Work Out?

I am excited to share with you a post and video from fellow fitness and health blogger (visit The Fit Flex Life to see more of Louise’s work), Louise Barraco (read Louise’s Bio below). Please join me in giving Louise a warm welcome. And thank you so much for sharing your video and natural work out secrets with us Louise!

Is there a natural way to workout?

When you think of fitness and working out, do you wonder if there is a natural way vs a non- natural way? Is there either of these when it comes to fitness and working out? Yes, there is a natural way and a non-natural way to working out when it comes to fitness.  The natural way to do this is to do what feels right for you. Don’t push yourself to do a workout that doesn’t feel right.

Now that doesn’t mean not to try something new. It just means that if you are straining your muscles too much, then maybe you should change your routine. Don’t hurt yourself when you are working out which also means don’t take steroids to do your workouts, it will hurt you more than it will help you.  Not that I know anyone who does in terms of working out but you should always be careful with anything that has to do with fitness.

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What Works Best for You?

Do what works for you when it comes to fitness don’t do what someone says works for them because if you do and you won’t get the same results and you may be upset about it. And that isn’t the right way to do it. We are all different so what works for someone else might not work for us and vice versa.  For example, some people might have to use the gym to get a good workout in and others may get a better workout at home. It’s pushing your muscles until you feel the burn and not any further. You still want to be able to move after your workout.

The natural way of exercising is to push your muscles to a good hurt. We have all heard the statement “don’t over train”, that is true when it comes to the natural ways of working out. Push yourself but still be able to move and feel good about your workout after you have finished.

Is Bodybuilding or Working Out for Fitness Competitions a Natural Work Out?

There are so many ways of working out. Bodybuilding for example is not a natural way of working out. Fitness competitions is not a natural way of working out. It’s not that I have done either of these and not that some people don’t enjoy working out this way, and they should do them if they want to, of course. But, it’s just not the natural way to exercise for everyone.

When you are in fitness competitions the calorie restriction is not great, to deal with. The natural way of working out is the 80/20 rule. Eat healthy 80 percent of the time and 20 percent of the time you can have junk food. You have to have junk food in your life once in a while. Junk food might include a pizza night once a week and the rest of the week you eat healthy. That type of thing. It is all in moderation though, so remember that.

The natural way of working out is to work your cardio, abs and weights, as much as you can handle. You might not think that it is the natural way of doing fitness but it is. That is what most people focus on in terms of fitness. Muscles and Abs are usually what considered a good thing, so that is what you should focus on. The natural way to do these types of workouts is to take it slow. Lift slowly and do different types of ab moves along with push-ups.  Also get your heart rate up while doing cardio. You can use what you have at home. You can even use cans as weights if you want. That is the natural way of doing your exercise when you are not in a gym and don’t have a lot of equipment.

Enjoy Your Natural Work Out, Naturally

Just get moving. You don’t have to do anything too crazy in terms of workouts and fitness when you do it naturally. Use chairs for your abs resistance and push-ups. Don’t push yourself too hard. If you want to take your workout slow then take it slow. Do it as naturally as you can. If you think you are trying too hard then you probably are, and you will probably hurt yourself. So be very careful when you are doing your workouts. The slower the movements the better your workout will help you.  That is what the natural way of fitting fitness into your life is for.

The natural way of working out is finding a workout that you enjoy and smile all the way through it. Just make your workouts flow as naturally as possible. Don’t be stiff when starting a workout. Make your movements flow together that is the natural way of working out. Whatever workouts make you feel good are the ones that feel the most natural don’t they? If you want to do a specific workout vs another workout do the one that you feel most comfortable doing. It is using what you have at home instead of equipment you might find at the gym.  Don’t push yourself too hard if you do that you aren’t doing it naturally. You aren’t forcing a workout if you work out slowly. That is about as natural as a workout gets.

The question is, is there a natural way of working out? There is and the natural way is making sure you recover properly. Eat your meats, cheeses, poultry and veggies. You have to recover from using your muscles after any workout. Eating these things is the natural way to recover from a workout so you stay strong.  Just keep moving and take some time to relax after your workouts.  You can’t go all the time without stopping or you won’t be able to move. Just do what you enjoy and have fun when you are working out. So yes there is a natural way of working out. We all just have to remember to rest when we need it.

Is There a Set Time to do a Natural Work Out?

The natural way of working out is also working out whenever you can. If you feel the urge to exercise, then go for it. Make it work for your life and see what happens. Use what you want in terms of fitness equipment. Eat healthy and that means the proper supplements for your body as well. Don’t take steroids to bulk up because that isn’t the natural way of getting muscles. Lift weights if you want muscles. You will not only get muscles in your arms and legs, but your back and your abs will start coming through as well. When you work all the different muscles groups in your body, you will get different muscles in different parts of your body that you never thought you would. That is the greatest thing about working out naturally though.

When you naturally do a workout you do what you feel. Which means that it flows better. This is because you are letting your body decide what it wants to do instead of forcing it to do something. Always start with one workout move and let it flow into the next. Try that and see how easy it is for you to do your workout. Just do what your body feels like doing and that is how you naturally workout. So, if you keep thinking of a certain workout one day but its leg day, do the exercises you are thinking of because your body probably needs it, which is why you are thinking of it.

And Most of All – Smile and Enjoy Your Natural Work Out

Natural workouts are just workouts that we enjoy doing, which also means the workout moves we enjoy doing. It’s doing a specific workout if you want to but because you have too. Do whatever your body tells you to do that day. Most of the time the natural workouts that we do are the unplanned ones. It is the different random things that are done in your workout that make it natural.  So, if you want to do a natural workout, don’t plan it out, just let it flow. See where that leads you in terms of your future in the fitness world.

Doing what you feel like doing in terms of a workout is the naturalist way of doing it. If you don’t feel like pushing yourself then don’t. Listen to your body when it comes to doing any type of workout. That way, you are doing what works for you instead of what someone else says.

Everyone is different which means everyone’s natural ways of working out will be too. Always remember there are natural ways of working out but also have fun with your workout. After all, you will get more out of it.

About the Natural Work Out Author

Louise Barraco has been involved in fitness since the age of four does it to stay limber and active. She started her fitness journey to eat more and to show people that you can do it even if you aren’t that into fitness but want to give it a try.  Please visit The Fit Flex Life for other workout video’s and articles written by Louise.

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