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We invite you to put your gym on the map because, as you know, one of the best motivation techniques is for people to see what others are doing. We mimic what we like. And, if we think other people are doing something good, that we aren’t, we want to get in on it. It’s simply human nature. And imitation is the best form of flattery, so if someone mimics you, be proud! So World Gyms will help spread the word!

So, here’s the invitation. If you are like most people, you belong to a local gym, have a gym at home, or have visited a hotel gym in your travels. Now we hope you are using your gym membership, but we know the drill.

But, we do want you to leave us a comment and tell us about your gym. Because we want to put your gym on the map. As many as you care to. Remember, when you leave a comment, you will be helping to show others who aren’t exercising, just how many people really are using their gym memberships.

Yup, you heard it, you get to brag a bit. And in addition, we’ll all get to see different gyms around the world. So, take a moment to put your gym on the map…

Visit our Gyms of the World page to see your Gym on the Map contribution too!

You are invited to put your gym on the map

Here’s what you to do – post a comment telling us what country you live in, what state or providence (street addresses not needed), the name of the town and one thing you really like about your gym. Even if it’s your home gym.

Luv your Trainer? Put them on the Map too…

Then add the name of your trainer and one thing you like about how they trained you.

Rule #1: focus on positive comments only please – don’t be negative. We reserve the right to tone down complaints but still get your point across with constructive comments before publishing.

Rule #2: There isn’t a Rule #2.

Once published, share your comments to your gym (and trainer). Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a free protein bar. And, if you do, comment again and let us know.

Group Gym Photo
We are one, big, happy family and yup, you guessed it, the whole family goes to the gym!

World Gyms Sample Comment:

Your comment could look something like this:

GYM:  USA, Texas, Pearland: Dynamic Fitness – lots of equipment

Trainer: 1. Randy, tough but not too tough
 2. Cheryl, great for beginners
 3. Mick – great Occupational Therapist – helped my Arthritis

Thank you for accepting our invitation. We look forward to learning about your gym!


Thanks for spending time with us today. Have fun checking back to see what other countries and cities have to offer to help keep you healthy, even when travelling.

Wishing you the best of health!

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Author: Joan E Wilder

We provide information and motivation focused on the importance of physical activity to our quality of life. It is our hope to help people invest in themselves by staying active throughout their lives. It's that important.

14 thoughts

  1. This is such a cool idea!

    GYM: Canada, Victoria, BC: Pearkes Rec Centre

    I love the amount of different cardio equipment – treadmills, elliptical and even a rowing machine. Also, big areas for doing weights. I can do cardio and strength training all in the one large room – easy!

    1. Welcome Christy and thanks – we thought this would be fun! You are always so thoughtful. Thank you for inf

  2. GYM: USA, Texas, Pearland, Dynamic Fitness. Great trainers and lots of equipment so there’s never a wait!
    I also love my home gym *for convenience* – only a mat, a few weights and an ab-roller, but it works for me!
    Trainers: Cheryl and Randy – Great workout with both of them!

    Cheers Everyone!

      1. Especially at 4:30 am – before working on this site :) There is no way I could get to the gym during the week before work, but Saturday and Sunday – I’m in for the equipment! :)

  3. I’ve just gotten back into my climbing gym in San Francisco. What I like about “Mission Cliffs” is that they’re owned by a company called Touchstone which has a number of gyms in the area all with slightly different personalities. The one closest to me offers quite a bit of space for climbing while also hosting a bunch of classes (yoga, Pilates, etc.), and brand new weight machines… and my favorite- a sauna, which just has such a pleasant way of bringing a long day to an end and releasing the toxins your body is begging to get rid of. I have’t worked with trainers there- but I know there are some good ones.

    1. Thanks for the info Chris. I never realized it, but you are quite right, every gym has a personality. I think that is why you sometimes know when a gym is not right for you when you walk into it. Climbing sounds like fun, I haven’t tried it, but I’m sure you get a good workout. Also a good point about the toxins – that’s why I believe that sweating is so good for you. Our pores are meant to ‘breathe’ and when we let them, they repay us with clear, healthy skin. Thank you so much for stopping by and your wonderful comment. You have a good perspective on your routine and by mentally framing your gym in a pleasant way, I’d bet you visit more often. Thank you for sharing!! hugs!

  4. GYM: USA, California, San Diego, True Motion
    Very knowledgeable trainers with focus on moving in the right way

  5. GYM: Cyclebar Hoboken, Hoboken, NJ, USA
    TRAINERS: Samantha and Kaitlyn – Both instructors are very similar in that they choose amazing music that matches the rhythm of the song to the speed at which you should be going. Both instructors make the time go incredibly fast and PUSH you at the same time.

    I love Cyclebar because they give you your stats of how well you’re doing (speed, hill, etc.). They then come up with an overall “Power” number that is adjusted for your age, gender and weight so that they provide each person with a rank within the class – and creating a very competitive atmosphere! Most times I go to Cyclebar with my husband and this power number certainly keeps the class interesting! The other reason I prefer Cyclebar to a regular session at the gym on my own is because we pay per class, and if I don’t cancel in the allotted time, I know I lose the money. So it forces me to stay on schedule and committed even if other things in my life are quite busy. Very similar to having a personal trainer, but less expensive.

  6. GYM: USA, New Jersey, Hoboken, Gravity Vault
    Rock climbing gym with a huge variety of top rope and bouldering routes. Both a mental and physical challenge which requires technique, full body strength, flexibility, endurance, and perseverance. A great way to decompress, with constant rewards for solving difficult challenges. Very communal with lots of support from other climbers.

    1. Hi MSW, I stopped by and yes, I agree, I think our readers would enjoy your posts too! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you take advantage of some workouts and exercises (if you don’t need a whole workout) and some equipment too – Enjoy!! :)

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