Get Active – A Fitness Challenge

Here’s our CHALLENGE to you:

Follow these simple steps…

Step 1:

Choose your Challenge. Pick one or more changes to your daily activities from the list below, Checklistor if you don’t see anything you like, create your own challenge.


Step 2:

JournalWrite down how you felt the first day you made your changes – was it difficult or a little too easy?  Example – if your goal is #1 from below, walk up 1 flight of stairs, see if you can talk normally when you get to your office, or are you winded? Either way, jot that down. Note: if you weren’t winded, add another floor. Make it challenging.

Step 3:

Calendar_150Set a calendar reminder for 30 days from the day you started. On day 30, look at what you wrote the first day.

  • How did you feel then compared to now?
  • Were you able to continue every day?
  • Did you have any setbacks?
  • How do you feel about your progress?

Be sure to record your answers by writing them in your fitness journal. You may be surprised at how this will help you when you periodically review your journal.

Step 4: 

Start your challenge – increase your activity level. Mix it up and make it fun!!

Step 5: 

Share your story – tell your friends and family what you are doing. That will motivate you to be sure you are committed.

Did you have some fun?

Great – now repeat Steps 1-5 for another 30 days!

Our List… 

Here are some simple lifestyle changes you can make now. Remember to have fun with it – bring a co-worker or two! 

  • #1 – Take the stairs Office Steps instead of the elevator or escalator (walk up the escalator if you are just beginning). If your office is on a high floor, stop one floor below and take the stairs. After you get to your office, if you can carry on a conversation (you aren’t winded), then consider adding an additional floor.


  •      #2 – Walk or bicycle to work or when doing errands.


  • Walking in Sneakers#3 – When you drive, park a little further from your destination and  walk the rest of the way.


  • 51YhjqXpGhL__SL110_ #4 – Take physical activity breaks during the day. Get up, walk around and enjoy the break!  And there’s no need to head to the gym at every break (buy a book on office workouts and plan a routine). Remember, your goal is to be active for the entire break – no sitting back down in a different spot.


  • washing-car-1397382__180   #5 – Reduce your use of energy-saving machines. For example, wash your car by hand, get a push lawn-mower.


  • Bus Stop#6 – When you ride a bus, walk to the next stop before boarding (or get off at an earlier stop and walk to your destination).


  • #7 – Use your ideas – try new activities, such as dancing, gardening, or bowling.

Enjoy !!

If you are up for sharing, we’d love to hear from you about your plan and how you motivated yourself!

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Author: Joan E Wilder

We provide information and motivation focused on the importance of physical activity to our quality of life. It is our hope to help people invest in themselves by staying active throughout their lives. It's that important.

6 thoughts

    1. I agree Cathi. Sometimes we ‘overthink’ things by looking too ‘big pictures’ but getting started with small steps are so beneficial to us all. Thank you so much for visiting with us, we always enjoy your company Cathi!

  1. Yes yes yes! Love this, Joan. I parked further away than needed at a mall this morning as I popped into a store for a running accessory. I’ll be out with a run crew tonight :) Thanks for the motivational post!

    1. Perfect Christy! And thank you for visiting with us today. Hope you have a great run tonight – I always found that exercising with a friend gives me just the right incentive. I love your visits – thanks!!

  2. Well, I started walk instead of taking a bus always if I have time. Especially in the morning, because it helps me to wake up. Everyday min 1 km in the morning. Is it ok?;-)

    1. That is great Caffe – all activity is good activity! 😎 try to pick a challenge for a month and stick with it. Write it down as we suggest above, then review how you did 😅 let us know how you do – we’ll be cheering for you!!

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