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Finally, we are at the stage of our Home Gym Design that’s ready for our gym equipment. As we mentioned in our previous articles, having a gym that you are proud of and enjoy is motivational. You will want to create a room that screams workout success – a room you want to be in! With the addition of gym equipment, your Dream Home Gym will do just that.

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Gym Equipment consists of the items you use to increase strength, and build endurance (aerobic exercises). These are the items that are heavy (not easily moved, unless on wheels) and require at least some assembly. Our recommendation is to have a professional assemble your equipment or you may wind up with the IKEA furniture we all remember so well and all the left-over parts
Let’s see what’s important to consider when buying your Gym Equipment

Finished reading? Did you see if we listed your favorite?

What type of equipment is in your Dream Gym?

We know your time is valuable and appreciate you for taking time out of your busy day to check out our dream gym.

Wishing you the best of health and a lifetime of fitness!!

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6. Recumbant BikeUpright or Recumbent ?



Author: Joan E Wilder

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  1. I don’t have a favorite as I like to alternate gym equipment – sometimes bike, sometimes elliptical, other times treadmill… And weights a few times a week. Great assortment of options you’ve shown us here, Joan!

    1. Thanks Christy and thanks for stopping by! It’s great to mix it up – I think that keeps it interesting. I couldn’t find lateral elliptical trainers for all the countries we setup with Amazon, but if you get an opportunity to try it, I found the Interval training to be outstanding! Thanks again for visiting Christy! BTW – you have such great topics on your site – are you planning on publishing a ‘best of’? I really enjoy When Women Inspire!

    1. Hi Louise! Thanks for visit from TheFitFlexLife! 2 Steppers today, but who knows, if you have an empty milk carton you can add sand for weight – and Viola! you have hand weights. But I do know what you mean, I would love a gym like that too. It’s good to dream and have something to work towards, whether it’s a fit body, or a reward for your hard work :). Thank you so much for visiting!

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