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Finally, we are at the stage of designing our ideal Home Gym and we are ready for the gym equipment. As we mentioned in our previous articles, having a gym that you are proud of and enjoy is extremely motivational.

You will want to create a room that screams workout success – a room where you want to spend time. And, with the addition of gym equipment, your Dream Home Gym will do just that. Make a commitment to use your equipment at least once a week. Set aside exercise time and you’ll soon begin to enjoy your ‘me time’.

Gym Equipment consists of the items you use to increase strength, and build endurance (aerobic exercises). These are the items that are heavy (not easily moved, unless on wheels) and require at least some assembly. Our recommendation is to have a professional assemble your equipment or you may wind up with the IKEA furniture we all remember so well and all the leftover parts
Let’s see what’s important to consider when buying your Gym Equipment

What’s your favorite gym equipment? Did we list it?

What type of equipment is in your Dream Gym?

Check out our equipment recommendations

Click the image below to read more about our equipment recommendations. If you see something you like, click on the link and buy now from our affiliate Amazon for fast delivery and great customer service.

Upright or Recumbent?

Which do you prefer? An upright bike or a recumbent bike?

See the latest recumbent cross-trainer by FREESTEPTM for the most effective low-impact cardio workout.

Tell us, what does your dream gym look like?

We hope you enjoy planning your home gym. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spend time with us, we appreciate you stopping by. Wishing you the best of health!!