Your Home Gym Décor

Your Home Gym Décor

We are delighted that you are joining us while we construct your dream home gym, beginning with decor. Follow along and see if this reflects what your home gym would look like. We’ll begin with setting the basics of the room, the décor, where motivation and inspiration begin…


One of the secrets to motivating yourself to workout is being in an environment that you enjoy. Whether it’s seeing a room that has the right equipment, or is also inviting, you want a great experience that you want to repeat. Yes, there is something said for the ratty old pair of sweatpants and t-shirt you have with sweat stains in the back of your closet, but that should be for your relaxing days when you really want to relax. This is for the days where you want to be good to you.

But for a workout room? Make it your room that screams fitness success. We’ve create a few tips on how to design a great workout room.

Your gym doesn’t have to be a drab-grey color without showing a little of your personality. And remember, even light grey can look wonderful with the right accessories and equipment that screams “Let’s Workout!”.

So, let’s explore a few considerations when designing your home gym. Let’s begin by thinking about our first topic, Décor.  You can begin with the equipment, accessories and essentials, but the decor will help you decide how you want the room to look. The more inviting, the more apt you are to use it, so why not decide your colors and wall decals first? Tap here to take a peek

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Lonny has some great designer advice in their article, Perfect Designer-Approved Color Combinations where you can find this wonderful combination of Leaf Green + Jazzercise Sea Foam (slide 13 of 70).

Tell us what does your dream gym look like?

We hope you enjoy planning your home gym. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spend time with us, we appreciate you stopping by. Wishing you the best of health!!

Author: Joan

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20 thoughts

    1. Thank you Carolyn! They say that colour affects our mood so it makes sense that having the right colour for the right room can help us be successful, no matter what we put our mind to. Thank you so much for visiting today! Wishing you the best!

  1. Woot! This is a great series idea ⭐ I think when we decorate the space with personal touches then we’re more likely to stick to the exercise plan. Sharing on Twitter!

    1. Thank you Christy. I agree and I think that’s true for any room. It’s been proven that the color of a room can create a mood and influence us. That’s true for your whole house :). Thanks for the Tweet, you are wonderful!! :)

    2. Thank you so much for getting the word out Christy, your retweet was extremely helpful – thank you! You are an awesome person! :)

    1. Hi Caffe, you have the perfect color because everything can look great with grey. I had a grey room with a slate blue rug and the walls looked blue – it was quite nice. So, what you can do is mix up the colors in your mat, or exercise towels and add a splash of whatever color motivates you. You can also wear a motivating color, hang a mirror or two in the room and viola! you have a very motivational space.
      Thank you for visiting today Caffe, we are happy you stopped by and hope to see you often! :)

      1. Well, I like gray, but I take always a green towel, and of course a list of music which gives me an extra power for jogging (e.g.). But mirror doesn’t sounds good….;-)

        1. Ah, green is the color of health – so you are good to go. And I’m sure that if you keep up the jogging, the mirror will be your friend too :). Thank you for visiting with us – BTW – have you seen the flexibility exercises? They are my Monday morning treat for easing into the week – see if you like them. Let me know if there’s anything we can do to help. Wishing you the best of health Caffe!

        2. Good for you – did you remember all the steps? I formatted the exercises for print in the hopes they come in handy :) as they do for me… I can never remember how far apart my feet should be or if I need to hold my head up or down, so the are a quick reminder for me… :) I hope they are for you too! The most important thing is to stay active – which it should like you are – Kudos to you Caffe!!

        3. Thank you Caffe, that is my sincere wish! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. You can do this – Stay Motivated!!
          Ps. if you can find a workout buddy – plan meeting once a week to workout together – it works wonders.

    1. Thank you Mariana! I love some of the colors I’ve seen – my gym is a pale green and I have brightly colored weights so it’s pretty cheerful! Of course it’s NOT like the Dream, but it doesn’t hurt to dream. :) Do you have a home gym?

    1. Thanks AOC! There are so many little things that we can do to make exercise more interesting. I had expensive equipment, treadmill, elliptical and weight system, but I didn’t use them. Now that I exercise consistently and have made it a lifetime committment, I would love to have those machines! But moving cross-country with heavy equipment just wasn’t practical so (heavy sigh), I gave them up, but thankfully, my gym has everything I need! My home gym needs some work though – that’s where the dreaming comes in ;-).
      Thanks for stopping by AOC, I always enjoy your work too!

      1. So true and I am thinking how interesting it would be to invite a couple if friends to one’s personal gym for a lite breakfast and exercise. And each friend could do the same. A fun rotation. Moving cross-country with gym equipment would be a strain. Oh you’re an inspiration to everyone and yourself. Your gym remodeling will happen.Thank you Joan for loving what we share. Have yourself a good rest of the week.

        1. What a great idea. I see my Saturday gym friend on Wednesday for lunch and that is motivation to me. I wouldn’t want to tell her that I didn’t get up at 5am to exercise that day (or the others). Last time I tried that, her response was ‘What! Don’t you CARE?’. That is motivation to me. Thank you for visiting AOC! I hope you have a great rest of the week and I wish you the best of health! hugs!

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