Lifetime Fitness Tip For Weight Loss – No Excuses

Overcoming Barriers to Exercise: No More Excuses

Be sure to choose exercises
from each of the four exercise types:

Balance, Endurance, Strength, and Flexibility Balance Endurance Flexibility Strength

You know you should be more active. You know that increasing your activity level is key to lifetime weight loss. But there are so many things that seem to get in the way.

Now it’s time for some positive thinking.

No more excuses!

Here are some tips to help you overcome those barriers and improve your health.

Finding time to exercise Watch Time

Try exercising first thing in the morning before your day gets too busy. Combine physical activity with a task that’s already part of your day, such as walking the dog or doing
household chores. If you don’t have 30 minutes to be active, look for three 10-minute periods.

Sticking with your exercise plan

Make exercise interesting and enjoyable. Do things you enjoy, but pick up the pace. Try new activities to keep your interest alive. If you can stick with it for at least 6 months,
it’s a good sign that you’re on your way to making physical activity a regular habit.

Exercising without spending money Money in your hand

All you need for brisk walking is a pair of comfortable, non-skid shoes. For strength training, you can make your own weights using soup cans or water bottles. Check with your local parks and recreation department about free or low-cost exercise programs in your area. Seniors can check the local senior center to see what they have available too.

Increasing your energy

Regular, moderate physical activity can help you lose weight, reduce fatigue and even help you manage stress. Once you become active, you’re likely to have more energy than before. As you do more, you also may notice that you can do things more easily, faster, and for longer than before.

Check Mark  Regularly including all 4 types of exercise will give you a wide range of real-life benefits.

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Author: Joan

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10 thoughts

  1. Excellent tips!
    I can’t agree more with this one in particular:
    “If you don’t have 30 minutes to be active, look for three 10-minute periods.” :)

    1. Thank you Carolyn – yes, words to live by. We don’t always need a lot of time to feel the benefits of exercise! Thank you so much for visiting ! :)

  2. You’re on the mark as always, Joan! If I clean the house then I make this in lieu of going to the gym as I likely worked off the calories I would have on the treadmill by cleaning the bathrooms ;) I hope you’re doing well!

    1. Great idea Christy – I do that too! We had a parkway cleanup last weekend and I skipped the gym to go – I figured between the walking and bending down to clean up the litter, I was covered :) LOL I’m busy and doing great – I hope you are too! :)

    1. That is great news Allan, and if you are a karateka, we hope you are active and healthy!

    1. I agree that is key. Thanks for visiting with us today Akshay, we hope you visit often. Wishing you good health!

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