15 Stretching Exercises You’ll Love!

A few weeks ago we found an easy and effective flexibility routine that we use for our stretching workout every week. So, we thought we’d share and published an article about how great flexibility exercises are for losing weight.

After using that picture for a few weeks I began to realize that  sharing the picture was not enough. The more I followed along, the more I wanted to be sure I had the right placement of my hands and feet and how long I should be holding the position shown. Truthfully, to get the full benefit of these exercises, we all need to know how to do them.

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Printable Exercises

Here is a sample of our exercises. Making progress is easy! Simply select the exercises you want to do for your routine, click on Print. Print the instructions as you do your routine, write the date and how many reps/sets you did on the back of the page. For example, 12 / 2 is 2 sets of 12 reps. Then in a few weeks look at your progress. Note: Be sure to fit flexibility into your workouts at least once a week to stay limber.

Tap an exercise name from the index above to see the instructions, or visit our Flexibility Workout page for all 15 exercises. Be sure to visit Exercise page for Balance and Strength exercises too.

Don’t see an exercise you would like formatted? No problem! Leave us a comment with the exercise name and we’ll format it for you.

Wishing you good health! Have fun with these!!


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    1. Thank you for teaching me a new word – karateka. Karate takes a lot of discipline – if you can split then you must be very flexible as well! That is wonderful!

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