How to Eliminate Back Fat

And What Exactly is Back Fat?

When we catch a glimpse of our back in the mirror we see it. It sneaks up on you over time and it’s difficult to believe we are looking at ourselves. So, whatever you call it, excess fat in our mid-section is difficult to hide and something we feel a bit self-conscious about it. And most of us really want to eliminate back fat, but find it difficult to do.

Whatever you call it, midsection fat:

  • Love handles – just at the waist and hangs over the side of the belt.
  • Back Fat – even more visible in a woman because a bra strap is designed to hug the ribs. This spreads any fat along the back up and down, making it look more pronounced.
  • Underarm Flab – also more pronounced for bra-wearers.

Can you think of any other types? Do you have a pet name for yours?

Do You Hate Your Back Fat Too?

Unfortunately, our mid-section is one part of our bodies that (for most people) stores fat easily and looks unsightly. Looking at these 2 pictures, which would you rather be? And what is it worth to you – what will you do to look and feel better?

Before  After 

If you are looking a bit more curvy than you would like, having less energy and feeling a bit more sluggish are not the only dangers. These are usually a sign of weak back muscles which can lead to poor posture and can be one of the causes of back pain. Something that if you have ever experienced, you might do anything to avoid.

What CAN you do about it?

One of the most common problems we face is that once we have had enough and make up our mind to do something about it, we want to change and we want it fast. Because getting in shape and toning our muscles can take so long, we get frustrated and want to we give up. It’s too hard. It’s not for us. We’re not disciplined enough. We want it quick and we want it now.

Not so fast…

Although a quick fix to your weight problem may sound appealing, the reality is that successful, long-term weight loss requires a lifelong commitment to healthy eating and exercise. Put your energies into eating a balanced, healthy diet… 

∼ Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D.

Yes, it’s frustrating that we cannot spot-reduce our bodies, but we have to remember that we didn’t grow a fat back overnight. And we won’t be able to get rid of it quickly without health risks. So, be cautious about what you are promised with quick-fix articles. Yes, you can tone your muscles and look and feel better in 3 weeks and if that will help you get started, then don’t delay. Just be cautious about fad diets and avoid diet pills.

It’s a Commitment…

Losing weight is a lifetime commitment that requires determination. It’s a whole-package solution with diet and exercise as your key. And, you don’t have to drop-everything and become a health nut. There are other things you can be doing to improve your health and feel great and look good in the process. Such as, focus on sitting up straight, skipping the nightly snack (or making it more nutritious), spending 10 minutes on exercising (focus on your back) and simply being more active. These little sacrifices soon become habits and habits are what leads us to success. And YOU are worth it!

The Solution: eliminate back fat with exercise

So remember, with exercise and nutrition you can tone your muscles and get the torso you see here in the ‘After‘ picture.  

You can do this!

Watch this video by Dr. Eric Berg DC. In just 8 minutes he’ll explain the 3 problems that contribute to Back Fat, food to avoid, how to eat in general, the importance of stress avoidance and exercise. You’ll see that the good doctor has the perfect information and exercises you need in How to Lose Back Fat 

4 Great Exercises to help Eliminate Back Fat

Dr. Berg recommends to help eliminate back fat:

Tap to go to Exercise Instructions…

Note: Be sure to check with your doctor before starting an exercise routine. He/she may advise different exercises that are right for you.

I want to share an important comment from Doctor Jonathan who publishes All About Healthy Choices:

“Very important topic with good information… Two important points to add:

  1. The exercise component (except for the superman exercise) basically uses the lower body to strengthen the lower back muscles. Functionally, we use these muscles bending from the waist. Therefore, using a stability ball to do these same exercises, (but bending from the waist) will work these same muscles functionally.
  2.  “Superman” exercises should be modified for safety. We do not functionally use our backs in the HYPER extended position. Several pillows should be placed under the torso while supine to create an upside down “V” position as a starting position. The back can then be extended to NEUTRAL working the back muscles through the range of motion we use these muscles (ex bending over to pick up objects from the ground and standing back up.) Going beyond neutral places the back in HYPEREXTENSION causing potential harm to the spine. This is an unnatural position for the back to be placed in.

Hopefully this helps your readers when performing these exercises. Thank you again for writing such a quality post.” ~ Dr. Jonathan


Exercise Instructions

We have  formatted each exercise for printing separately so you can refer to them during your next workout. Visit our Back Fat Exercises page, print and start your next workout!

Please note that these exercises are recommended for anyone who does a lot of ab (core) exercises. Working your core without working your back muscles causes an imbalance and can lead to back pain and soreness.

We hope you found this beneficial and would love to hear from you. Thank you for spending time with us today, we hope you visit often. Wishing you the best of health!

Important Note: Please see Doctor Jonathan’s comment above about changes to the superman exercise.