Stretching, a Tip for Weight Loss

Gaining Weight? Try Stretching – It’s easy!

If you are gaining weight and want to try some low-impact, body-weight exercises, try stretching! If you are like most people, weight gain can be a problem from the time we are born until the day we die. Yes, it usually gets tougher to lose the extra pounds as we get older because we are more sedentary, but weight gain doesn’t discriminate because of age.

And the good news is that no matter how young or old you are, stretching has many benefits like feeling good and looking good. If your doctor has approved these stretch-exercises, you can follow them once a week for a full-body stretch. You’ll begin to see results in a few weeks. Yes, a 5-minute warm-up is still recommended before you exercise.

Here is a chart of easy-to-do exercises that we think you’ll look forward to doing each week. You can print this image and bring it with you to the gym or hang on your home-gym wall.

If you missed it, you can read last week’s post – Flexibility – Important at every age.

Flexibility Exercises

Visit: Flexibility – Full-Body Stretch Workout

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Want exercise instructions?  Just jot us a note in the comments section and we’ll be happy to send them to you!

Visit our flexibility workout page for these exercise instructions!

Image by: Smooth Health and Fitness

And if you want to see the exercise in motion:

Try these exercise DVD’s at home and follow along with the instructor.

Yoga stretching DVD 15-Minute Yoga Stretch
Resistance Band Stretching Workout Spine Strengthening Exercises
Yoga Stretching Challenge Couch to Confident
Save Your Lower Back
resistance bands for stretching and strength workouts Resistance Band Exercise Cords

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10 thoughts

    1. Fantastic GP – I think you’ll see how great you feel after you try these. And don’t forget to check with you Dr. – you can bring the sheet with you and ask if he/she has any issues with any of them. My friend has a bad back and may only do one of those until she builds up those muscles, but she plans on discussing with her Dr. too. Have fun GP!

    2. Hey GP – how was your first week of Flexing :) Did you feel great after doing them? I have to admit, at first it may seem a little boring, but soon you’ll find that between concentrating on your form and breathing, you’ll look forward to it!
      Wishing you the best of health GP!

        1. Ouch! That’s not good – be sure to drink a glass or two of water before you start, then at least a few drinks after each exercise. And don’t over exert yourself. And be sure to let your doctor know about that when you ask his/her advice about exercises. Bring the sheet of exercises in and see if there are any that they recommend. Are there any that you find easy that don’t cause cramping?

        2. Oh sure. I’ll be fine, I have a good relationship with my Doc! He is the one only to get my blood pressure down.

        3. That’s good to hear, high blood pressure is a serious issue – having a Doctor you trust is invaluable! Be sure to ask about those exercises – I believe they would be a good treatment but let me know what your Doc says. I have a sister with high blood pressure that just started her stretching exercises too! :)

  1. Stretching can feel so good if my body is tight from stress. Love that you gave us that image to print out and take to the gym or wherever else we want to do stretches to improve flexibility. Sharing on Twitter and Pinterest now.

    1. Thank you so much Christy. I use that on my stretch days and wanted to share it with everyone. I am thrilled that you like it and use it – you made my day! :) I always love your visits.

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