Lifetime Fitness Tip for Weight Loss – Snacking

Types of Snacking

There are 2 types of snacking. The first is a craving that hits you once in a while and you have the snack and it’s over. You have it under control. The second is much harder to control. It’s the habit of eating between meals.

Healthy Snack: Mixed Nuts

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know all too well how the snack after dinner can become something you look forward to after a hard day at the office or a relaxing day off. After all, watching TV was MADE for snacking.

How to Control Snacking

Here are some tips on controlling between meal snacking:

  • Cut back on the number of calories in your snacks. Reach for a 100 calorie-pack instead of a large container where you may be tempted to have ‘just a bit more’. Note: I’ve found the natural snacks like dried fruit or nuts taste better than the cookies – which can be disappointing.
  • Substitute the high-fat snacks with a lower-calories alternative.  See our article on suggestions to try Healthy Snacking for Weight Loss.
  • Find some lower-calorie recipes and make your snacks for the week. Planning and sticking with that plan has always been a the best way to be successful. Build on your successes, no matter how small!

Recommended Reading for February

Here is a spoiler alert – our recommended reading for February – Snack Month! We show some great cookbooks with recipes that won’t make you feel bloated or guilty. And you can enjoy cooking what you want the way you want it. Not only will you have fun cooking your favorite snacks, but they’ll be fresher and healthier. Enjoy!


February – Healthy Snacks Month


Author: Joan E Wilder

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  1. Nice post! Regarding the large containers of snacks, as a Costco shopper I get them, I suggest putting your snack in a bowl and put the container back in the cupboard. That way, you don’t get carried away and snack away your workout. Also, I recommend a food scale. You can get one for less than $20 on Amazon. You can measure out exactly how much you are going to snack.

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