Fitness Tip: Count Beverage Calories

Trying to lose weight? Count your Beverage Calories

You may be surprised at how many calories are in what you drink every day. You can control your calories and lose weight by counting your beverage calories. Substitute just one drink a day with a refreshing glass of delicious, fruit-infused water for improved weight-loss results.

Try this simple weight loss tip:

Replace just one (1) glass of wine a week with a glass of water. 5 fl oz. of white wine averages about 123 calories while 5 fl oz. of red wine averages about 126. Every week for a year adds up to an amazing 6,400 calories a year. That’s 9 pounds over the course of 5 years for a single glass of wine a week.

And if you aren’t counting your beverage calories, this can be a simple way to stay in control of your weight. Smart.

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